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Eagle County’s project to enhance public participation in local policies now seeking stewardship team

Eagle County is leading the soon-to-be launched Community Vision and Strategy Project, Vista, by inviting community members to help identify solutions to challenges created by COVID-19, and design a future for Eagle County with health, equity, and resilience in mind. Information received from Eagle County residents through the Vista process will inform Eagle County’s comprehensive plan, strategic plan, and other community policies, programs, and initiatives.

The county seeks community members interested in participating on the stewardship team for the Vista Project. This stewardship team will help ensure that the process identifies what matters to the community, works towards developing a values-based vision, and creates commitment to action items. The stewardship team will represent a wide spectrum of partners and voices to help guide efforts and support and realize a community built upon collective values.

The stewardship team will meet 8 to 12 times through the fall of 2021. At least initially, participation will be virtual to respect public health needs.

Team members expectations:

  • Encourage and enable an equitable representation of the community
  • Build public and political support, ownership, and implementation capacity
  • Provide a diverse range of views and experience within project leadership
  • Be champions and ambassadors that can speak to the the community
  • Utilize existing connections to networks and leadership structures
  • Enable and strengthen regional partnerships and collaboration
  • Provide feedback and accountability to ensure that Vista is no track meeting project goals
  • Create community and institutional legitimacy of the project

“Traditional planning processes often don’t reach community members impacted by policy decisions,” said Deputy County Manager Angelo Fernandez. “We believe we can do better. With Vista as an engagement vehicle for the comprehensive plan and other major strategies for Eagle County, we wanted to design a process that is accessible for our entire community and provides valuable feedback for decision makers to consider in developing policies. The stewardship team presents a wonderful opportunity to begin to engage.”

Interested Eagle County residents are encouraged to submit an application to join the stewardship team.

Residents can also nominate a person they believe would make a good candidate.

For additional information and for questions, contact adam.palmer@eaglecounty.us or (970) 328-8734.

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