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Empty weekend an odd spot on Vail Valley events calendar

Lauren Glendenning

VAIL — With a balmy Memorial Day weekend behind us and the wildly popular GoPro Mountain Games next weekend, the events calendar this weekend seems to have been left in the dust.

The timing of Memorial Day this year was earlier than usual, meaning the Mountain Games — which typically occur the very next weekend — needed to be scheduled later.

Vail Valley Foundation spokesman John Dakin said the Mountain Games were scheduled a few days later than normal in order to try and ensure better weather conditions for athletes and spectators.

“This will also be the case next year, most probably returning to their normal time frame in 2015,” Dakin said.

The town of Vail’s Commission on Special Events worked hard this year to find an event for Memorial Day weekend, a time in which weather isn’t always kind to the valley, but also a time when people have a three-day weekend and like to travel.

Sybill Navas, the town of Vail’s special events coordinator, said the commission hasn’t had a conversation yet about whether they’d want to pursue an event for this empty weekend next year, especially since the calendar would go back to normal until 2015.

“We pushed on Memorial Day because it is a three-day and often a destination weekend for people,” Navas said of the board’s effort to fill in the holiday weekend’s calendar.

So it’s not that this weekend was overlooked, it’s just that Memorial Day weekend was a weekend that was more likely to bring in destination guests — those who come from out of town, stay in hotels, dine out and buy things.

Vail Commission on Special Events member Jenn Bruno said it would have made sense to fund an event for this weekend since there wouldn’t be a permanent space on the calendar for an event in future years.

Members are feeling good about the summer events calendar as the season kicks off. Anecdotal accounts of FEAST! Vail, the Memorial Day weekend culinary event, suggest it was a success, Navas said.

The board will hear a short “de-brief” about FEAST! Vail at its Wednesday meeting. It will be several weeks, if not months, before a more detailed presentation about the first-year event’s success is available.

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