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Flipping their lids

Wren Wertin

Still riding the wave of popularity they achieved with their album, “bounce bounce sound,” mindGOflip has mastered a feel-good party-band sound with lyrics that stand up to scrutiny. Sometimes delivered flippantly, sometimes matter-of-factly, the songs are short and sweet with plenty of melody. MindGOflip sings original tunes written by the band.

One of the album’s stand outs is “La La Lovin,” a capricious song about guilt-free coupling between friends. It opens with, “No No, you’re never shy when your wandering eyes find somethin’ they like, you walk right up, with yourself turned on and vibrate.”

The song follows the woman through the singer’s eyes; he has no delusions about her – simply appreciation. He continues, “you think you’re a movie star, it’s in you I know. I’ve heard this before, all those things you say, when you get this way are just the warm fuzzy la la lovin’ in your baby belly.”

Mid-way through the album is the track “Lemonade,” wherein the phrase “bounce bounce sound” is sung. Written in stream-of-consciousness style, it’s got some fat funk running beneath. The listener goes from hearing about “Lemonade on a hot hot day with salt water taffy and lots of kisses from my girl,” to free soup and bounce bounce sound. And just to make sure you’re paying attention, it continues with “Jimi Hendrix, he woke up in the morning, leaned over to kiss his lovely lovely girl, But no she wasn’t there and he found a folded note on her pillow, opened it it up and it said, “hey you never made me feel the way the music did.'”

So perhaps it’s better to be a bunch of young, excitable kids who don’t have fame but definitely have the girls, than the internationally acclaimed Hendrix.

The melodic groove pop of mindGOflip is made with the help of Bret Anderson (bass, vocals), Mike Benton (drums), Luke Johnson (guitar, vocals) and Doug Scarborough (keys, trombone, vocals). To compliment their sound, they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves. Johnson has been known to bust out a no-holds-barred tap dance ever once in a while, and Scarborough might decide to pick up the trombone with his feet while his hands are busy on the keys and play both.

They’ve shared the stage with They Might Be Giants, Jack Johnson, Seven Nations, and Cabaret Diosa, to name a few bands. Westword described them as “a little bit funky – with a thumping bass and trombone thrown in for good measure.”

MindGOflip performs as part of the Live! in Minturn concert series at Chili Willy’s tonight at 9. All proceeds from the door go to the new Minturn Community Fund, dedicated to promoting community-minded projects within Minturn.

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