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Flower Hound prepares to blossom in downtown Eagle

Flower Hound owner Paige Tabor is pictured working at the Vail Farmers' Market last summer. There, she honed in her passion for house plants and floral arrangements.
Paige Tabor/Courtesy photo

With a name inspired by her beloved bloodhound, Ruthie, Flower Hound owner Paige Tabor is preparing for a major bloom in business. The farmer’s market florist is opening a multifunctional storefront in Eagle this spring. 

Last year, Tabor made her floral debut at the Vail Farmers’ Market. She soon realized that the path dotted with flowers was the one for her. 

“It was kind of just like a little side passion — a creative outlet if you will. It kind of just snowballed from there,” Tabor said. 

Tabor quit her full-time job and dove headfirst into life as a florist. Not only was she offering beautifully styled flower arrangements at her farmer’s market booth, but Tabor also started booking her services for weddings and other events. 

Her customers’ feedback reassured Tabor that she had finally found the right career — one aligned with the life she wanted to be living. 

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Flower Hound owner Paige Tabor is pictured with her bloodhound, Ruthie, the namesake of her new business. Tabor’s business is set to blossom even further, with a downtown Eagle storefront opening later this spring.
Paige Tabor/Courtesy photo.

Starting Flower Hound and engaging with the community at the Vail Farmers’ Market, Tabor said she really found her people — people who also “geek out” over plant species and local flora. 

Tabor also discovered a community of people eager to be introduced to the beauty of botanicals. 

“There seemed to be a need,” Tabor said. “People kept asking, ‘Where is your shop location? I want to come see you other than Sundays.’ And they’re really the ones who inspired me to open this shop because there’s really nothing quite like it yet, so I’m hopeful the community will be excited about it too.”

As she prepares to open her downtown Eagle Flower Hound storefront, Tabor said she can’t wait to share the things she loves with even more of the community.

Within the new space, Tabor said she will have the opportunity for Flower Hound to branch out in what it offers. The new storefront will not only display an array of floral arrangements and house plants, but also elements that nod to Tabor’s love of interior design as well. 

“I’ll have home décor, small furniture pieces, artwork, vintage rugs …” Tabor said. 

Tabor also envisions Flower Hound being a space for the community to gather, relax and create. 

“I plan on offering different types of workshops,” Tabor said. “The possibilities can be endless, but I want to do more than just a floral design class and wreath making — a little bit more outside the box.”

People can stay in the loop on what kinds of workshops Flower Hound will offer and the details for such events by staying tuned on the Flower Hound website. Additionally, Tabor said she is open to hearing what sort of workshops the community would be interested in. On the website, Tabor said she will also be sharing business updates, grand opening information and more. 

In the meantime, Tabor is completing the necessary nips and tucks to the bare Broadway Station storefront. She’s currently working on painting the shop, which is set to open mid-April to early May. 

Flower Hound owner Paige Tabor and Ruthie are pictured in the Broadway Station storefront. Tabor is working to transform the space in preparation for its grand opening this Spring.
Paige Tabor/Courtesy photo

Before purchasing the storefront in the Broadway Station development in downtown Eagle, the Gypsum resident said she had her sights set on an Eagle location because of the interconnected community there. 

“I think that the town really does a great job of bringing the community together,” Tabor said. “I knew that I wanted to open there and there was nothing quite like it in our area.”

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