Fracture Friday: Blake Hanks the bootfitter refuses to cut boot

Blake Hanjs
Fracture Fridays
After-surgery x-ray of Hanks’ leg.
Blake Hanks/Courtesy image

The injury

On February 7, 2021, I was skiing in the trees in one of my favorite places headed across and going to another section. I came around a tree, wiped my goggles off – there was bad visibility and it was snowing hard – and smacked into the wall of a gully. My right ski came off, my left ski embedded and my leg twisted 180 degrees.

I yelled at my buddy to get me out of my binding. He did, and I jammed my leg in the snow to keep it from swelling. He called the patrol and two new patrollers found us in about 15 minutes.

We were in a deep ravine, and they loaded me in a sled and weren’t sure how to get me out. My buddies ski tracked a path out for them. They got me down to base area and had an ambulance there to take me to a hospital in McCall, Idaho.

They wanted to cut my boot off, and I told them I’m a professional bootfitter and with some help I can get it off. We did and it hurt! I was operated on that afternoon: 20 fractures, titanium rod, nine screws and plates.

Blake walks the dog, on crutches.
Blake Hanks/Courtesy photo

The recovery and redemption

After nine months of walking, 2,000 miles on my mountain bike and daily pool and lake workouts, I am back.

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I hit day 50 on March 4, and I would say I’m about 90%. Not bad for a 71 year old crazy who has skied all of his life. I love this sport and don’t plan on quitting anytime soon.


Injuries are a common topic in mountain communities. We tend to push ourselves to the point of having them. If you have an on-mountain or sports-related injury, we want you to share the story of your injury, recovery and redemption (and if you’re currently injured, we want to hear your plans for the last two).

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