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Ignorant critic

Kelly Moriarty and Sandy Borel

This individual wrote a detailed, eloquent letter explaining the faulty reasoning behind a CSAP question, and for this we applaud him. Teachers also feel many of the CSAP questions are ambiguous and often faulty.

We, however, have no say in creating the test or the questions. The test is commissioned by the Colorado Board of Education, not by local teachers.

The individual in question then proceeded to destroy any respect engendered from his excellent critique of the CSAP and any perception of his intelligence by maligning teachers, his insight concerning the job they do, and questioning the idea of a pay raise based on the idea of the “BS” that teachers are apparently spewing at their students.

Perhaps a little bit of research and education, not “BS,” would have prevented such an unfortunate letter from being written. Perhaps this individual would have discovered that teachers do not write these questions, nor do they always agree with their accuracy and validity in establishing student achievement.

But he did not and now he serves as an excellent example for the current lesson we are teaching our students. Ignorance leads to prejudice and unfair judgment. Please do not proceed to judge one “until you climb in his skin and walk around in it,” as Atticus Finch states so well in “To Kill A Mockingbird” (Lee 30).

Not only does Mr. Gossett look the fool, but he instituted inaccurate and unfair perceptions within the community, inviting others to share in his ignorance.

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