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Learn about regenerative medicine with Dr. Lauren Bramley in Vail

Chris Anthony
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Special to the Daily |

If you go …

What: The Top 10 Anti-Aging Tips, with Dr. Lauren Bramley, presented by the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project and the Sonnenalp Hotel.

When: 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 6.

Where: Sonnenalp Hotel, 20 Vail Road, Vail.

Cost: $59 per person or table of 10 for $525, includes presentation, buffet lunch and nonalcoholic beverages; proceeds benefit the Youth Initiative Project.

More information: Contact Patricia McNamara to reserve your spot at 970-479-5434 or pmcnamara@sonnenalp.com.

If you go …

What: TEDxVail.

When: Registration begins at 2 p.m. Friday, Jan. 8.

Where: Vilar Performing Arts Center, 68 Avondale Lane, Beaver Creek.

Cost: $100 preregistration or $125 at the door.

More information: http://www.tedxvail.com.

LIFE! I love living it. But the wear and tear of enjoying it so much has taken its toll on my body. Injuries, overuse or lack of proper nutrition have worn down working parts, while physical therapy, conditioning and changing my diet have help to build me back up.

The later has come into play more in the past few years, but this past summer, I think I may have found a little bit of the secret sauce. I started working with Dr. Lauren Bramley, based out of Hong Kong and Canada. The combination of working with her and Dr. Peter Millett, out of Vail, has really kept me in the game.

The fact of the matter is we are living longer, as well as calling upon our bodies to handle more unusual stresses, stresses our body did not evolve to absorb. We have moved far beyond the days of our only purpose on this planet being to hunt, gather, build, procreate and protect our families. Now have time to recreate. This includes such activities as skiing, which certainly the knee was never engineered for.

In fact, I believe, to some extent, we have stopped evolving since we have paused natural selection. We do not have to run for our lives anymore. We have not bred humans to have stronger knees.

Combining this with the fact we are living longer than our parts were designed for, we need to not only take care of ourselves but we also need to perhaps regenerate.

I was a step away from having an evasive surgery this summer. I stopped, took a breath and rolled the dice. I jumped on a plane, and went halfway around the world to Hong Kong to visit with Bramley. We tried two different treatments, platelet-rich plasma injections, as well as stem cell injections in my knees and left shoulder, where I had a torn labrum that would not heal. But then Bramley took it one step further after I expressed that I had been having issues improving my fitness, no matter how hard I was training.

She took my blood and ran an extended panel. I did not realize that panel could vary. Apparently, here in the United States, most doctors will only do a very minor blood panel unless pushed or requested to look at more. Bramley, who has a blood lab in her office, was not only able to take one blood sample and test it but several in one day. She did each after I ingested a variation of food. From this, she was able to interpret several imbalances in my body and how I could correct them.

I walked away from my Hong Kong visit thrilled about what I had learned about the physiology of my body and a new personal menu of how I was going to treat it. Despite the fact I could not lift my left arm leaving Hong Kong, I already felt different. Two days later, back in Vail, not only was the pain gone in my left shoulder but also I could lift my arm over my head for the first time in a year.

A couple of weeks later, I was doing pushups for the first time in a year. Over the next several weeks, my body composition changed. I lost 17 pounds and improved my cardiovascular fitness by 35 percent. For the first time in years, I was sleeping and I was able to control the inflammation in my knees. On every level, I felt better, as well as calmer. It has been amazing!

The experience and the results have been so incredible that I have invited Bramley to Vail this week for a couple of events. With help from Johannes Faessler, my Youth Project and the Sonnenalp will be hosting a luncheon with Bramley on Wednesday. Two days later, Bramley will be one of the speakers at TEDxVail in Beaver Creek. Seats for both of these events are still available. Take advantage of the opportunity to sit down with Bramley over lunch and ask the questions you have been in the dark about.

Professional skier Chris Anthony is a Colorado native, longtime Vail resident and founder of the Youth Initiative Project. Learn more at http://www.chrisanthony.com.

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