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Learning the famous stem crispy

Compiled by Allen R. Smith

Having taught children for a number of years, I collected some wonderful expressions over the course of my career. On this particular day, I skied up to a new class, introduced myself and then took them out for a warm-up run.I addressed the class telling them, “Now that we’ve had a chance to ski a couple of runs, we’re going to start working on our turns.”I started by demonstrating a snowplow turn. Each of the students followed in my tracks to the bottom. Then, I demonstrated the next level of turning, the stem christie.The entire class applauded, “Yea, we like to do stem CRISPIES.”After lunch, we headed back out to the hill. One little boy seemed to be upset with his lesson, so I skied over to him and asked, “What’s the matter, Phillip? Aren’t you having any fun?””Yes. But I really want to learn how to ski PARALYZED!”- Babette Haueisen, Truckee, Calif.Too late, mateDuring the early 1970s I was working as supervisor for our ski school. Part of my duties included touring the beginner’s classes and offering assistance when needed.One morning, I approached a class with a little boy sitting off to the side, away from the others. I asked the instructor if she knew why the young lad was crying.She told me that she didn’t know. He wouldn’t get up off of the snow and he refused to follow the rest of the group. I told the instructor to go on with the rest of the class and I would take care of the boy.I skied up to the boy and bent down to his level. I said to him, “Hi there, young man. What’s the matter, did you lose your balance?””No.””Are you scared?””No.””Are you tired?””No.””Are you hungry?””No.””Do you need to go to the bathroom?””Not anymore!”- Betty Reid, Bend, Ore.Vail, Colorado

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