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Letter: Support Issue A for our firefighters

I am a homeowner in Minturn, which lies in the vast service area of Eagle River Fire Protection District. I value our firefighters and understand the need for continued fire protection. I’m voting yes on Issue A in this election.

ERFPD’s service area covers a huge chunk of land — 186 square miles. This is an enormous service area, and I’ve been especially grateful for this professional and highly trained department this summer and into the fall. It has become increasingly apparent that the wildfire danger and the time period during which such fires threaten our community are growing. This only underscores the need to support our local fire protection district.

This depends on each fire station working as a system, especially with such a large area to cover. When one station’s crew is on a call, another on-duty crew can provide backup for that station. 

ERFPD prides itself on being ready to serve. The requirements of the Gallagher amendment are making it more difficult for ERFPD to be financially prepared, despite the continued prudent oversight of the department’s finances by the board of directors. A yes vote for Issue A would freeze property taxes for ERFPD at current rates; it would not raise property taxes.

I’m enthusiastically voting for Issue A, and I’m asking you to say yes as well — yes to being prepared, yes to being protected, and yes to helping ERFPD come up with a local solution to this issue.

We can’t control when and if an emergency is going to happen, but we can control our level of preparedness and ability to respond. Firefighters say yes every single day to protecting the lives and property of our local community. The many incidents that took place in neighboring communities this summer and fall — wildfires, gas leaks, motor vehicle accidents — happen in ERFPD’s service area, too, and will keep happening regardless of funding levels. When you look at it this way, can we really afford to say no?

Vote yes on Issue A.

Darell Wegert


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