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Vail CO, Colorado

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In response to the many articles I have read concerning elementary education, I would like to take a moment to share some information with you about St. Clare of Assisi School.

Our young Catholic school is in its seventh year of operation now and has been delivering a high standard of academic excellence in a loving environment to 159 children. This has been proven by the outstanding national test scores in every grade. St. Clare has incredible families that offer their time and talent treasure to our school with extreme generosity and tireless effort.

Being a part of the St. Clare School is being a member not just of the community, but also of a family that cares about one another and cares about the well-being of each and every child in our school.

Our Catholic school gives the children a foundation based on faith in God and provides them with the moral compass to make positive choices throughout their lives. The parents and teachers share the same goals of providing a challenging education and fostering the values of respect, responsibility, and reverence.

Our faculty and staff are all caring and dedicated people who are constantly working to make our school a success, to make every student a success. St. Clare seeks to develop the myriad of talents that each child needs to recognize and nurture.

This year our new athletic director, Todd Ellsworth, has started volleyball, basketball and will be doing track in the spring. The excitement of all these sports has been contagious among students as well as their families. The support for our teams has been overwhelming and truly heartfelt. The progress that the children are making in athletics is amazing. Way to go Coach Ellsworth!

Our kids have incredible opportunities available to them at St. Clare. Our teachers organize a fabulous overnight hut trip for seventh and eighth grade, a fifth- and sixth-grade Meet the Wilderness team-building overnight trip, a fourth-grade four-day camping trip to the Dinosaur National Monument, an eighth-grade four-day trip to Santa Fe and middle-school skating parties, field trips and dances!

Our school is also involved in a variety of community-service projects such as Habitat for Humanity, jump rope for heart and literacy for pre-schools. These programs teach the children a spirit of service to others in Christ.

Last weekend, in partnership with Vail Christian High School, we had our annual Mardi Gras Ball Fundraiser at the Ritz Carlton-Bachelor Gulch. The amount of work, time and cooperation that the parents of these two schools put forth for this event was unparalleled. These two schools come together in spirit and purpose to promote a full education in mind, body and spirit from kindergarten through High School! This event was a beautiful testimony to the brotherhood of our faiths and our call to provide our children with not only a higher education standard, but a higher personal responsibility to behave with integrity, honesty and love.

These are qualities that St. Clare offers, and as we grow, we know we can depend on our teachers, staff and families to continue to offer their support and dedication to improve our school for the future.

I have five children and four of them are at St. Clare of Assisi School, from Kindergarten to eighth grade and each one of them is thriving!

Not every school is right for every child, but if the qualities of St. Clare of Assisi School offer what you are looking for, please come and visit us anytime. You are always welcome at St. Clare!

Carmel L. McGuckin

Eagle traffic

Has anyone else noticed the increasing and unacceptable level of traffic congestion in Eagle? It took me nearly 20 minutes this morning to drive from Brush Creek Elementary School to the I-70 interchange (a trip of about two miles). This, in a town with a population of only about 4,000 people.

The source of the problem is clear: New residential development is being approved that the existing infrastructure of the town can not support.

Every last vehicle that travels out of the Brush Creek Valley must currently pass through an overused, one-lane intersection with a three-way stop sign. This traffic then backs up down what once were quiet and peaceful residential streets. There is then the daily back-up of traffic from the traffic circle on the west end of town to the one on the east.

This is compounded by the fact that there is only one interchange to serve the entire Brush Creek Valley, the town of Eagle, Costco, the airport, and east Gypsum. And it’s only going to get worse, much worse. The town of Eagle’s answer is to continue to approve more high-density housing development in the Brush Creek Valley. The proposed Haymeadow project alone would add nearly 1,600 homes. This will make the congestion nearly unbearable for at least the next five years.

It is time that the citizens of Eagle let the mayor and council know that this is an untenable course of action for a small mountain town. This course of action will forever destroy the unique character of the town and our quality of life.

Please take the time to write a letter to the council or attend a meeting to share your idea about how our town should be developed. In our absence, the decisions will be made by developers who seek to line their pockets and move on to the next town down the valley.

Laurie Bowman


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