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Letters: Who should be on Vail council?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Tjossem ready to lead

With so many longtime locals relocating downvalley, and several retiring council members who have strong business acumen, Vail needs a longtime resident with fresh perspective and innovative ideas who is not afraid to step up and lead.

I am a hard-working mother and business woman with experience managing a multi-million-dollar budget, but also a small nonprofit budget. I will speak my mind but first will do my homework, listen and ask thoughtful questions to gain a board perspective of both sides of every issue.

My goals are to: Maximize seasonal employee housing at Timber Ridge; look for other housing opportunities, including Forest Service land trades; be a voice on council for the Vail Village and Lionshead business community; develop win-win working relationships with community stakeholders, and ensure Vail retains the small town charm that attracted all of us in the first place.

I am committed to carving out the time required to represent you and would appreciate your vote.

Susie Tjossem

Rogers ‘an asset’

My husband and I want to urge Vail voters to vote for Margaret Rogers for Town Council. Margaret will really be an asset for the voters. She will represent us fairly because she has a real passion and vision for the Vail Community. She does not jump to conclusions. Her legal training and experience as a litigator is a testimony of that. We need someone like Margaret to work with Vail to maintain the uniqueness of the town and still move forward and tackle the tough issues such as parking and employee housing.

Barbara Krichbaum and Kent Erickson


Benway the best fit

Please vote for Carrie Benway for school board. There are so many reasons she is such a great candidate and would be a positive influence for our school district.

Among them are her passion, devotion and quest for knowledge. I have known Carrie for a long time and the more I know her, the more I learn what motivates her in wanting to make a difference in our community. She has a keen ability to see the big picture and bring people together to solve problems. She tackles things head on, with delicacy, and makes sure that solutions are right for everyone. Carrie’s enthusiasm is contagious as she seeks answers that will improve our district.

I assure you that if you vote for Carrie, you will see many positive steps in the right direction by the school board. I think her best asset is who she is as a person ” incredibly caring and thoughtful of others. Isn’t that what we need for our teachers and kids? Please vote for Carrie Benway. Thank you.

Carol Johnson

Vail needs kids

Vail has faced many new challenges over the past decade, many of which are now being resolved, others that remain and may even be increasing. It makes only reasonable sense to address, or even conquer, some of the most overwhelming of these challenges through a variety of channels.

A personal concern of mine, as an employee, wife, mother, volunteer, citizen of the Town of Vail is our community. In order to retain a community within a high-end tourist resort we need our community to have a voice. Thus the reason for my note; the Town Council must stand for all kinds that live in Vail, for those who have come from afar and have made Vail home in their later years, for those who have decided quality is more important than quantity, for those whose love of the outdoors has drawn and kept them here, and of greater concern, those who have chosen Vail as the place to raise their children. Without our children, and those who are making the sacrifices necessary to raise children within the Town of Vail, our community will fall to the demise of a seasonal resort that is no longer attractive to working, child-rearing people. We need our families to keep Vail’s community vitality, for our future as parents of these children, and for the general well-being of this place we call home.

With thanks to all of you who have served our community, I urge the voters to recognize how important Town Council members, such as Kim Newbury, are in keeping growth in this incredible town.

Amy Holm


Got community in mind

The Eagle River Youth Coalition owes a huge debt of gratitude to eight restaurants in the valley: Balata, Dish, The French Press, Juniper, Main Street Grill, Marko’s, Matthew’s, and Ristorante Ti Amo.

These restaurants donated wonderful menu samples, their time and energy to making our first annual “Edwards Tastings: Food for Youth” event a huge success. Please support these community-minded restaurants, as they are helping not only The Eagle River Youth Coalition, but also many youth-serving organizations in the valley.

We would also like to thank Vail Resorts for their generous donation of a 2007-08 ski pass. The event brought these restaurants and community members together to make youth a priority, which is the goal of The Eagle River Youth Coalition. For more information about the coalition, visit our Web Site at eagleyouth.org.

Cristina Gair

Becky Hughes

Jen Pinkus

The Eagle River Youth Coalition Staff

Explaining Eagle traffic jam

On Oct. 21, portions of Eagle, including the Eby Creek Road area, had a power outage as the result of the snowstorm from the previous day. This power outage disrupted the timing of traffic signals on Eby Creek Road. Typically, after a power outage, traffic signal timing resumes to normal operation, however, on this occurrence, signal timing did not resume to normal operation. On Oct. 22, and Oct. 23, traffic signals on Eby Creek Road in Eagle were operating on an improper time schedule for the morning commute. As a result, traffic was congested and long delays were seen.

Town staff learned of this on Monday morning and contacted the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) as they are the owners and operators of the traffic signals on Eby Creek Road. CDOT dispatched a signal technician from Glenwood Springs to locate and correct the timing malfunction. The timing resumed to normal operation on the afternoon of Oct. 23.

The Eagle Police Department performed traffic control on Tuesday morning.

On a similar subject, CDOT has informed the Town of Eagle that they will participate in the design of Eby Creek Road improvements up to $500,000. The total project will cost approximately $1 million and is provided for in the 2008 budget.

This fall, town staff will work with CDOT on a consultant selection process and should have a consultant working on the design by January. The design process will take some time, but the possibility of some minor traffic improvements next year is possible.

Rob Brenneman

Communications Specialist

Town of Eagle

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