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Letters: Worker shortage is dire

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Connolly will work hard

To the people of Vail:

You have attended or seen on TV the candidates’ forum and debate. You have read the articles and endorsements in the Daily. You may have even met the candidates. Now it’s time to vote.

This is a very good field of candidates. We are all pretty much in agreement on the major issues facing our community. Most are running for the right reasons, without anyone else’s agenda, and would do a good job. So why should you vote for me?

I will bring a skill set that includes the ability to look critically at the issues from all sides and help to form consensus. I also promise to work hard for what is in the best interest of the entire community.

I have already shown a willingness to put in the time to make Vail a better place to live and conduct business. My involvement dates back to 1988 when I was appointed to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee for the Vail Recreation District. At that time, I was also manager of fundraising and public relations for Ski Club Vail. I have served as the director for the Vail Chamber and Business Association. I have been involved with the Commission on Special Events since its inception. I attend most of the meetings for the Vail Local Marketing District Advisory Committee. Even though I do not own a storefront business, I attended many of the loading and delivery meetings and was part of the discussions on the revised sign codes. To stay in touch with our life blood, I work a few shifts every month at the visitor information booths.

Where I expect to make the biggest difference is in the marketing efforts of our summer season. I have been a salesman all of my life, starting at the age of 10. My professional career includes stints with some of the nation’s leaders in publishing, sports marketing and retailing. I have a working knowledge of media, advertising and public relations.

What sets me apart from the others is that I am also the only candidate that knows something about all of the various resources we possess. We need to coordinate our resources for better efficiency and maximum benefit. I can do this.

I’d like to thank all of my supporters for their encouragement. Most of these people have known me for awhile, and support that stands the test of time is what really counts to me. To those that have met me recently and have decided to cast their votes for me ” I will not let you down. To those who vote not for me, thank you for participating in the process.

Stephen Connolly

Candidate for Vail Town Council

Proper’s been involved

I am writing to support Scott Proper for election to Vail’s Town Council. I’ve known Scott for three to four years, both professionally and socially. Scott has a good business perspective and is very interested in the Vail community. He has served the Town of Vail via volunteer activity, been a very active member of Vail Rotary and has organized a local motorcycle ride for charity on his own.

When Vail Rotary’s 2007 president-elect moved due to a career change, Scott stepped forward and volunteered to serve in place of the departing Rotarian. Additionally, Scott has proven his interest in serving the Vail community through his membership on the Vail Recreation District’s Board of Directors and his recent acceptance of being appointed to the Vail Planning and Environmental Commission.

As Vail continues to grow, the ever-increasing financial and planning demands on the Town Council will only become more complex. Scott’s background in banking and community service in Vail make him an ideal person to successfully manage the challenges that lie ahead. He understands financial management and balancing a budget plus will be very cognizant of his responsibility to manage your tax dollars wisely. If you have not voted already, please join me in voting for Scott Proper. He’s proven his interest in serving you.

Dick Puetzer


Vail needs Newbury

As you head to the poll on Tuesday, please keep in mind the Top 10 Reasons to Vote for Kim Newbury:

10. Kim understands workforce housing from the inside, she’s been on the Vail Housing Authority since its inception and lives in deed-restricted workforce housing.

9. Kim understands community issues better than anyone; she has two kids attending Red Sandstone Elementary, lives in the North Trail Neighborhood and works in the Village. Kim gets it.

8. Kim has real experience. She has been an extremely effective member of council the last four years.

7. Kim has tremendous analytical capacity. In the four years I’ve served with Kim I’ve yet to see her stumped. She has grasped every issue the council faced, regardless of complexity, or for that matter, abstrusity.

6. Kim knows what she doesn’t know, and she invests the time to get up the curve on issues. Case in point, when Kim was first elected she took the extra time and sought out the knowledge and expertise to quickly become effective on planning and land-use issues.

5. Kim understands the complex development issues the town faces. She favored Solaris because it provided the town with much needed retail and entertainment. She is deep in the debate on the complexities of the Lionshead parking structure and the Arrabelle employee housing conundrum.

4. Kim represents a demographic that is critical to keep in Vail, while other candidates talk about the need to keep a middle class. Kim is, and represents, who we all want to keep in town.

3. Kim’s a tightwad. Way before the new Seibert Circle Fountain issue, she voted to keep the old Seibert Circle the way it was (so did Dick Cleveland, for that matter). She also was one of three council people willing to stop the Meadow Drive street heating, which added more than $50,000 per year in operating costs after the $1 million cost to install.

2. Kim’s an environmentalist. Did I mention that the Meadow Drive street heating created a huge new carbon emission for the town? Well, in addition to all the other environmental initiatives Kim supported (switch to solar, Gore Creek clean-up, beetle kill removal, to name a few), she opposed heating Meadow Drive for environmental as well as fiscal reasons.


1. Kim is the most experienced, well-qualified, level-headed and accessible candidate. Voting for Kim Newbury is a vote for a better future for our town.

Greg Moffet


Trust Eagle-Vail board

Shame on you Don Rogers for advising readers to vote no on 5A. Of course it was already clear to me that you leaned against 5A based on the volume of negative letters and articles published in Vail Daily. 5A is our Eagle-Vail leaders looking to the current and future needs of Eagle-Vail. The Eagle-Vail community is special because of the recreational opportunities it provides. Contrary to what naysayers write, the plans are in response to the survey Eagle-Vail residents submitted and comments during review meetings.

It is great to say the district should have looked at the situation 10 to 15 years ago ” isn’t 20/20 hindsight great? Ultimately, that type of thinking creates more whining than problem-solving ideas. Our Eagle-Vail board is trying to solve Eagle-Vail problems now, before they run out of money. As for no term-limit on the funds, if you care how the money is spent, show up for board meetings and vote for board members. I trust the board to put the Eagle-Vail community’s needs first. After all, they live here too.

Cory Glackin


Worker shortage is dire

As Americans’ thoughts turn to a ski vacation or beach getaway this winter, it is important to realize the extent to which many of these destinations depend upon seasonal labor.

Despite the thousands of small businesses nationwide who have come to depend on the H-2B program, a critical H-2B visa exemption was allowed to expire on Sept. 30. Disturbingly, very few in Congress seem serious about addressing the urgent need of these businesses for legal, temporary labor.

The H-2B visa program allows 66,000 foreign workers into our country to perform seasonal work for up to 10 months at a time, allowing employers to guarantee that everyone on their payroll is legal. Before it expired, the exemption increased the number of eligible workers by exempting from the 66,000-person cap those workers who had participated in the program in any one of the previous three years.

As the nation’s largest association of hotel owners, the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA) is deeply concerned about the effect that Congressional inaction will have on our members. Our industry already faces a shortage of qualified labor which is expected to grow in years to come, and without the exemption the outlook becomes even bleaker.

We are likewise concerned for our fellow small- and mid-sized business brethren in landscape, construction and other industries which also count on these skilled workers every year. We work within the law to ensure that U.S. citizens are made aware of open positions, and it is only when we cannot fill these positions domestically that we turn the H-2B program.

Without access to a caring, committed workforce, no business can perform at its best.

Fred Schwarts


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