Man scores moose head in Aspen |

Man scores moose head in Aspen

Katie Redding
Aspen, CO Colorado
Jordan Curet/The Aspen TimesJaime Aroujo poses with the moose he purchased outside City Market in Aspen on Tuesday.

ASPEN ” Jaime Aroujo walked into an Aspen, Colorado supermarket to get lunch on Wednesday ” and left the parking lot with a moose head.

The El Salvador native considered himself lucky to be the new owner of the moose head being hawked outside of Aspen’s City Market by Mario and Anthony Marquez, of Mexico, during lunchtime Wednesday.

The brothers had hung the moose on a plywood stand in front of the Christmas trees and were attracting a sizable crowd of onlookers. Many were trying to take advantage of the opportunity to be photographed with the gigantic head.

Moose heads are apparently a hotter commodity than one might think, and within 20 minutes, the brothers had found a buyer in Aroujo. They weren’t surprised, they said.

“Everyone up here likes that stuff,” Mario said.

The moose was advertised (with a paper sign on the plywood stand) at $1,500. Aroujo said he bargained the brothers down, but declined to divulge the agreed-upon price.

The Marquezes said they had recently done some tile work for a local homeowner. After having trouble collecting some of the pay due to them, they finally agreed to take the homeowner’s moose head in lieu.

They said they’ll probably use the money from the sale to pay bills, since they’re out of work right now.

As for Aroujo’s motivation, he explained that he’s not usually an impulsive buyer. But he’s long coveted a moose head, he said, having spent years working in Aspen mansions that sport similar heads on their walls. The moose head will now be proudly displayed on the wall of his new El Jebel mobile home.

“That was my dream to have a head like that,” he said. “That was my Christmas present to myself.”

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