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Miranda faces 26 felonies

Jesus Miranda’s 8 Garco charges

Count 1: Vehicular eluding

Count 2: Criminal impersonation

Count 3: Possession of a weapon by a previous offender

Counts-4-8: 5 counts of being an habitual criminal

Jesus Miranda’s 18 Eagle County

Count 1: Theft

Count 2: Conspiracy to commit first degree burglary

Count 3: First degree burglary

Count 4: Conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery

Count 5: Aggravated robbery

Count 6: Criminal attempt to commit aggravated robbery

Count 7: Criminal attempt to commit aggravated robbery

Count 8: Aggravated robbery

Count 9: Assault in the 2nd degree

Count 10: Assault in the 1st degree

Count 11: Criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree

Count 12: Conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery

Count 13: Criminal attempt to commit aggravated robbery

Count 14: First degree burglary

Count 15: Criminal attempt to commit first degree burglary

Count 16: Possession of a weapon by a previous offender

Count 17: Possession of a weapon by a previous offender

Count 18: Crime of violence

GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Because Jesus Miranda, a convicted felon and registered sex offender, fled in a reportedly stolen car through Glenwood Canyon after two bungled burglaries, he faces eight more felony charges in Garfield County.

Perhaps the least surprising are five Garfield County counts charging Miranda with being a habitual criminal. His criminal record goes back to at least 2005, according to court records.

That makes it 26 felony charges in Garfield and Eagle counties following a pair of unsuccessful armed robberies Sept. 4 within a half hour of one another. He got away with no money from either, police said.

Miranda, 31, of Dotsero, was charged Tuesday with 18 felonies in Eagle County.

Garfield piled its eight felonies Wednesday.

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What police say happened

During an armed robbery at a Gypsum clothing store, Miranda reportedly shot Alan Gonzales three times, smacked a store clerk in the head with an illegal hand gun, stole two cell phones from a customer and tried to escape westbound on Interstate 70 through the Glenwood Canyon construction zone. The getaway car was reportedly stolen and driven by Daniel Lee Happle, whose driver’s license was suspended for being a habitual traffic offender.

If convicted of everything, Miranda could spend more than 100 years behind bars, said District Attorney Bruce Brown.

“Please note that all persons charged with crimes are presumed innocent until the contrary is proved in a court of law,” Brown said.

Eagle County Court Judge Katharine Sullivan set Miranda’s bond at $1 million.

Two bungled burglaries

Witnesses say Miranda and a 17-year-old female accomplice first tried to rob Dinero Rapido, a check cashing business in Eagle. He and his accomplice were caught on Dinero Rapido’s security video, court records say.

A half hour later they tried to rob Tienda Montes, a Gypsum clothing store, arrest records say. Miranda, sporting a hoodie and sunglasses, walked in brandishing a Smith and Wesson 9-mm handgun with the serial numbers filed off. The girl walked in behind him and closed the door.

Miranda is accused of hitting a clerk in the head with the gun and stealing two cell phones from another customer.

Just outside Tienda Montes, Gonzalez encountered Miranda and the girl. In the ensuing struggle, police said Gonzalez was shot three times — once in his left hand, once under his left armpit and once in the middle of his chest. That last bullet miraculously missed his heart, aorta and both lungs. Gonzalez is recovering from his injuries.

Miranda dropped the gun and he and the girl fled on foot.

Happle told police that “the Mexican mafia” had called him and told him to pick up Miranda and give him a ride.” He also told police that he ate a bag of methamphetamine as the cops were closing in.

Miranda already had an open assault case at the time of the alleged robbery attempts.

Court records show he has at least nine criminal convictions, beginning in 2005 when he was convicted as a sex offender.

The 17-year-old girl was arrested that Friday afternoon. She’s being held in a Jefferson County youth facility.

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