Naked man asks cops for drugs in Aspen on Sunday |

Naked man asks cops for drugs in Aspen on Sunday

Nicholas Olson

ASPEN — Police arrested an Aspen transient with a history of drug-related transgressions Sept. 11 after they found him downtown in the nude and wearing only headphones.

Nicholas Olson, 24, told Aspen cops he was naked because he wanted to feel free and also made lewd overtures toward a female officer while asking a male officer for methamphetamines, according to a police report.

Police made several contacts with Olson that day, starting at approximately 6:15 p.m. when they fielded a call that he was passed out in the front lawn of the Limelight Hotel. He had left the scene by the time they arrived, but police tracked him down. There, he asked Sgt. Mike Tracey for some methamphetamines.

“I felt Olson was behaving normally for him,” said the report, which was written by Officer Danielle Madril. “I could not smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage. Sgt. Tracey and I cleared from the scene.”

Police made a second contact with Olson at approximately 8:10 p.m. at South Monarch Street and Hopkins Avenue.

“I could see that Olson had only an iPod with headphones attached and no clothing on,” the report said. “I asked Olson where his clothes were. Olson said he took them off to feel free.”

‘Glitch’ in the universe

Madril said she offered Olson some help and told him to get dressed. Instead, he made verbal sexual advances toward the officer, the report said.

Soon after, other officers handcuffed Olson, who talked about a “glitch” in the universe, the report said.

Officers had to force Olson into a patrol vehicle because he was uncooperative, the report said. When at the Pitkin County Jail, Olson refused to get out of the car, prompting jail deputies to assist in his removal. Once in jail, authorities put him in a restraint chair after he used resistance against the officers, the report says.

Police charged him with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, all of which are municipal offenses.

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