Nine Inch Nails back with a bite |

Nine Inch Nails back with a bite

Daily Staff Report

Eagle Valley Music Co. in Vail Village1. “Guero,” by Beck2. “With Teeth,” by Nine Inch Nails3. “Make Believe,” by Weezer4. “Stand Up,” by Dave Mathews Band5. “Devils and Dust,” by Bruce Springsteen6. “Unquestionable Truth,” by Limp Biskit7. “Mighty Rearranger,” by Robert Plant8. “Love, Angel, Music, Baby,” by Gwen Stefani9. ” … Something to Be,” by Rob Thomas10. “Waiting for the Siren’s Call,” by New Order Mojo Music in Avon1. “With Teeth,” by Nine Inch Nails2. “Stand Up,” by Dave Mathews Band3. “Devils and Dust,” by Bruce Springsteen4. “Sunrise Over Sea,” by John Butler Trio5. “The Emancipation of Mimi,” by Mariah Carey6. “Guero,” by Beck7. “In Between Dreams,” by Jack Johnson8. “Make Believe,” by Weezer9. “American Idiot,” by Green Day10. “Hotel,” by Moby Vail, Colorado

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