Planned project of building lots to offer attainability, flexibility in upvalley housing |

Planned project of building lots to offer attainability, flexibility in upvalley housing

The Minturn North planned unit development, if approved, would give buyers the opportunity to build on an attractive parcel near downtown Minturn

The proposed Minturn North project, north of downtown Minturn, meets the Town of Minturn’s needs while also creating density to support downtown businesses and much needed infrastructure improvements.
Minturn North

The proposed Minturn North project would be a new extension of the town providing a wide mix of lot types and flexibility for styles of homes. If you’re looking for a small single family home, this is the place to build it. If your dream home is a larger home, you can build it here as well.

The brainchild of Greg Sparhawk, an architect and Minturn resident, and partner Jim Comerford, who brings decades of experience and local involvement, the project presents a rare building opportunity in the upper valley.

Here are some of the highlights:

Phase One (located on the southern portion of the parcel) 

  • 29 total residential lots starting in the low $200s that fall into the following three categories:
    1. Cottage lot, 2,500 square feet – 4 Lots
    2. Single-family home plus ADU lot, 4,000 square feet – 15 lots
    3. Standard/duplex lot, 5,000 square feet – 10 lots
  • Three multi-family lots, eight units each 

Phase Two (located on the northern portion of the parcel)

  • The same three categories of residential lots from Phase One will be available
  • Eight luxury lots on the north end of the project, ranging from 7,300 square feet to over 10,000 square feet, featuring exceptional views

Minturn North also includes:

  • Park areas, including a community garden
  • Parking for Game Creek, with a trail and open space along Game Creek
  • A trail and ski way through the site, which would help skiers from the Minturn Mile get closer to downtown without having to travel along town roads 

For more information or to place a non-binding reservation, visit, or call Jim Comerford at 970-390-4338. All plans are currently in the PUD review process and are subject to change prior to final approval from the Town of Minturn.

Attainable property in the upper valley is a unicorn these days, but plans are underway to change that in the town of Minturn where a development featuring a variety of residential building lots could hit the market in 2021. The vision of Minturn North has been to design a project that meets the Town of Minturn’s needs as well as creates density to support downtown businesses and much needed infrastructure improvements.

If approved, the Minturn North project’s first phase will offer 29 residential lots, starting in the low $200s. This first Phase includes cottage lots, larger single-family lots that can accomodate accessory dwelling units (ADUs); and standard-sized lots that allow duplex construction. The remaining three lots would be multifamily, eight-unit lots. The second phase would feature more cottage parcels, single-family with ADU and duplex lots, plus an additional eight luxury lots which are larger with exceptional views. 

Minturn resident Greg Sparhawk, of GPS Designs, is the design partner, working alongside developer Jim Comerford, to bring Minturn North to life. 

“When we started our community outreach we quickly learned that our vision for smart  growth maintaining the Town fabric was very much in line with the Minturn community as a whole,” Sparhawk said. “We’ve been through several conceptual-level public meetings with the planning commission and the town council, we did a community outreach at the Minturn Saloon, and went door to door to speak with the immediate neighbors to gather feedback.”

This public feedback has led to seven iterations of the project’s plans and now Sparhawk and Comerford are optimistic they could get the planned unit development (PUD) approval by the spring of 2021. The town recently started working on a critical water systems overhaul that will cause existing residents’ water bills to almost double unless the town grows. This project allows for smart growth that will offset those impacts and share the burden of a necessary new water system.


The site of the Minturn North project, just north of downtown Minturn.

Minturn North offers buyers the ability to build homes of their own design. There will be design regulations in place to ensure quality development.

“We’re really trying to create something where anyone could buy a lot and build their dream home, whether that be a large home or perhaps a small home. Excluding cottage lots and multi-family parcels, each property allows for an in-law unit or rental that can help offset the final cost.

Potential residents

Minturn North wants locals to have the first opportunity to purchase lots, something that Comerford and Sparhawk believe is important to the vibrancy of the community as a whole. 

“We want to strengthen the community with this development to support the local economy and tax base of Minturn,” Comerford said. “To encourage opportunities for locals reservations will initially open to Minturn residents for two weeks, then to Eagle County residents for two weeks before offering them to the open market.”

The developers are also working out details of a regulated locals’ component in conjunction with the housing authority.

Meticulously studied, planned project

Phase One of the Minturn North development takes up the southern portion of the site, featuring 29 residential lots starting in the low $200s, plus three multi-family lots.

Sparhawk moved to Minturn 20 years ago, but, like many people, left because he could not afford to stay. After moving all around the country, he made his way back.

“This town was the bellwether that we used to compare every other place we lived. Nothing compared to Minturn,” Sparhawk said. “This community feels strongly about its identity. People don’t want to follow the same path of resort development.”

It was his fear about what could potentially happen on this site, if not properly developed, that got him moving on this plan. 

The requirements for seeking a PUD approval are arduous and take an enormous amount of time and money, Comerford said. The partners are deeply invested and have completed numerous studies, reviews and plans for civil engineering, planning, traffic, environmental impacts, wetlands, environmental hazards, utility analysis’, reports and designs and more. 

“We continue to do everything that’s required to be approved for this PUD with the intent to do the right thing for the community as a whole,” Comerford said.

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