Questionnaire with alleged victim’s name leaked to media |

Questionnaire with alleged victim’s name leaked to media

EAGLE – An early draft of the jury questionnaire, with the alleged victim’s name in three places, and a possible witness list were allegedly leaked to a television network last week. The 82-item questionnaire contained the alleged victim’s name in three places – twice in the questions and once as part of a list of at least 120 people connected to the case, along with their addresses and phone numbers.”On the eve of trial, we are once again reminded that no protections are assured and little efforts are made to correct the evident flaws that have defined this case,” said John Clune, the alleged victim’s private attorney.A source who saw the list last Friday, before it was handed to potential jurors for completion, says it also contained the address of the alleged victim’s parents, as well as the names and address of dozens of potential witnesses. The alleged victim, who has moved from state to state and changed her phone number at least four times to avoid harrassment and threats since she accused Bryant last summer of rape, was listed on the potential witness roster with an address of “formerly of Eagle, Colorado.”None of the mainstream media outlets have used the alleged victim’s name, and did not publish her name associated with the leaked questionnaire. Still, Clune was livid over this latest development and said it points, again, to the latest in a growing list of problems his client has faced in keeping her name out of the public.”There are no words strong enough to express our disappointment in hearing of these continued leaks,” said Clune. “How these things can continue to happen on one case is beyond all explanation.”Clune said he hopes someone learns something from all this.”We sincerely hope that all courts can use this case as an example and examine their own procedures to strengthen the integrity of our judicial system,” he said in a written statement.One question in which the alleged victim’s name was written out on the earlier draft said: “This case involves charges that Kobe Bryant, then 25 years of age, a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, sexually assaulted (the alleged victim’s name), then 19 years of age, in his hotel room at the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera. What have you read, seen or heard about this case?”When the questionnaire was posted on the court’s Web site Monday, the name had been blacked out, and the list of possible witnesses was not included.The incident comes after several mistakes in which the alleged victim’s name appeared in documents on the court’s Web site. One of those documents was supposed to have been filed privately.District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Krista Flannigan guaranteed that the leak did not come from prosecutors.”I can tell you it’s not us. We run a fair trial,” she said.The sources who saw the leaked questionnaire and list said it did not come from Bryant’s defense attorneys or the alleged victim’s attorneys.Jurors are being questioned for Bryant’s rape trial. Opening statements could be Sept. 7.Randy Wyrick is covering the Kobe Bryant rape case for the Vail Daily. He can be contacted at Colorado

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