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Rave on

Cassie Pence

BOND – When Lorin Bassnectar went to his first rave, it was the first time he danced without head-banging.The DJ, who has been a musical staple at the Burning Man festival for the last seven years, grew up on death metal, but since that first dance party at age 18, Bassnectar has never looked back. Bassnectar now tours full time all across the globe as a DJ, although he doesn’t like to consider himself a DJ because of the constricting connotations the genre often piggy backs. He headlines State Bridge Friday at 8 p.m. with colleagues DJ Hal and DJ Ivy. Bassnectar is touring in promotion of his latest CD, “Diverse Systems of Throb.” Sippin’ on style

Bassnectar uses traditional dance music techniques, like big bass, thicker variations of drums and rhythms and infinite layers of sounds, but tries to steer his result far away from the traditional with no repetitive disco-type dance songs or overly aggressive “manly” hip hop.”I’m making something really warm and organic and large sounding, but that still has a lot of hypnotic melodic and hints of organic ethnic influence,” Bassnectar said. “But I also like to play around and play some funky hip hop and dirty songs that everyone can feel all grindy to.”He’s armed with 500 CDs, a lot of which are music that he’s made from scratch or that his friends have produced from the ground up.”CDs are like trading cards for this generation,” Bassnectar said.He plays CDs, as opposed to records, because the sound is more unique, and he can edit and remix any track. A remix or a mash-up is taking two songs that already exist and crushing them together to create something new, Bassnectar said. It’s taking elements from something, like Nirvana’s “Never Mind,” and building an electronic bed around it, he added.”So, if there’s a hip hop song you really like, but it has stupid lyrics, you can just cut the lyrics out. It’s kind of like having your own record press and an infinite record bag,” Bassnectar said.

Political connectionIn addition to stirring his fans into rhythmic motion, Bassnectar also likes to awaken the mind, weaving speeches and vocal samples into his songs to express political opinion. “I’m not shy at all about my beliefs, and I think a lot of people on a more mainstream level can’t really come out and say, ‘*#!& George Bush.’ But I’ll say it because I am loud and proud and educated,” Bassnectar said. ” And I’m not preaching catch phrases or quotes that I’ve heard or read on the internet. I’m very researched and super stoked to show it.”One of his defining political statements comes in the form of a T-shirt. On it is a photo of President Bush’s head, and it reads “International Terrorist.” It is Bassnectar’s walking picket sign, but he also uses it as a device to measure public opinion.”For me it’s a poll to walk through a crowded airport and wear a shirt like that and see the response. And 90 to 95 percent of the time the response is claps, hand shakes, a grandpa on his walker coming after me and shaking my hand or the captain of the plane tipping his hat,” Bassnectar said.

Bassnectar’s performance depends on the unexplicable evening’s mood. The DJ can be slow and sexy or full throttle. So what can we expect from Friday’s show?”It will be a mix of slow, throbbing, grindy trip-hop, throb hop, hip-hop, a little bit of breaks, some lush, magnetic type of break beat and grooving tracks that people familiarize with and some crazy mash-ups and remixes,” Bassnectar said. For more information on Lorin Bassnectar, log on to his Web site at http://www.bassnectar.net.Arts and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 618, or cpence@vaildaily.com

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