Red Canyon students help restore West Avon Preserve |

Red Canyon students help restore West Avon Preserve

Matt Stern, of the Eagle Valley Land Trust, instructs a Red Canyon High School student on the use of loppers used to cut sage brush.
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AVON — On Tuesday in Avon, a group of Red Canyon High School students and teachers spent the morning doing restoration work in the West Avon Preserve. With pick axes and loppers, they turned over the soils, chopped native sage-brush, moved rocks and seeded the former Motorcycle Flats ditch. When the seeds germinate next spring and the sage decomposes, what will be left is a gully that will blend into the natural environment rather than a scar on the landscape. They were joined by outdoor and mountain bike enthusiasts Lee Rimel and Mark Luzar as well as Matt Stern from the Eagle Valley Land Trust.

Rimel, who has been involved in creating the trails in the parcel of land between Wildridge and Singletree since the early 2000s, approached Tom Gladitsch, of Red Canyon High School, about the needs to repair areas of the Preserve.

“It is easier to get people to help volunteer to build trails and harder to find volunteers to do restoration work,” Rimel said.

A couple weeks later, Gladitsch called with a plan to get the Red Canyon students involved.

After a morning of working on the trail, more than 150 feet of the motor-cross trail were repaired, about one-sixth of a mile west of the Avon Singletree Connector Trailhead on Nottingham Road.

For more information on how you can get involved in trail restoration or maintenance efforts, contact Matt Stern at the Eagle Valley Land Trust at or Lee Rimel at

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