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Respect for life

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Our hearts go out to the family of Terri Schiavo. According to her doctors, she has a total absence of consciousness, and her occasional movements are caused only by neurological reflexes. She has been declared brain dead by 18 doctors.Shame on Mr. Bush and his ilk for using Ms. Schiavo as a political football. Mr. Bush is a man whose insensitivity to life has made him infamous around the world. Whether it is the countless thousands he has slaughtered in a needless war or his desire to inflict the death penalty upon children and the mentally retarded or his weakening of clean air and health standards for his corporate supporters, the list of his deadly acts toward human beings can only speak against his professed concern for Ms. Schiavo.Let her rest in peace.doug@doug-long.comA healthy look at healthThanks for doing the profession justice (see “Health for body, mind and soul,” at, March 17 edition). Your article was thorough and accurate. We appreciate it!Dr. Jennifer

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