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Laura A. Ball
Laura A. Ball/Vail Daily Ugg boots, $180, Roxy in Beaver Creek.

If fashion is art, and it is, then art is imitating the boho chic lifestyle so sought after in fall’s best accessories.Tired of looking too youthful, too perky but not too pretty, designers draw from the essence of a culture yearning to move forward, grow up a little and settle into ourselves. We want elegance without taking ourselves too seriously. We want sophistication without sacrificing comfort. There’s a buzz in the air, an uninhibitance to take hold of the reins yet float about as if our spontaneous existence is completely natural. And to some extent, it is if we let it.And so, in our newfound creative control, we come in from the cold to find the season’s belts, bags, beads and boots are all in the details. Stay warm by embracing subtly rich details as exuberant accessories can define your look. It’s a game of mix and match, with care. One piece is all you need to make a statement.

Seasons changeNot only do I look forward to long days spent on the slopes followed by nights of quiet chatter and laughter in front of the fire, the outside world resembling a perfectly shaken snow globe, I look forward to the rite of passage within my wardrobe. The trunk at the foot my bed opens to reveal warm scarves, shawls, furry caps and mittens, thick tights and leather belts that feel like new. My closet omits decadent bags and shoeboxes of carefully stored boots. I have a whole new palette to dress with. In my nearsighted attempt to lead a minimalist’s life, I fail miserably in the accessories department.

The list- A glimmering tote

It’s the perfect pick-me-up, an ultraluxe bag. Highly decorated with embroidery or beads, and heavy on texture, such as tweed, suede or metallic leather, this season’s bag has attitude. Choose a sturdy streamlined bag or a teeny shoulder bag. Don’t be afraid to don it in full daylight, as well as evening.- Chunky jewelsJewelry comes in the form of overstated, original pieces possibly from a far-off bazaar or the flea market. Pendants and chandeliers have a much rounder shape. If you go with a big, chunky necklace, forgo the earrings and vice versa.Black is back, but not boring. Adorn your dark side with shiny beads that add depth.

– Tall bootsThe secret to wearing boots, and any shoe for that matter, is all in the execution. If you’re ill-proportioned, it’s not going to work. If they’re lace-ups, go with more weighted, wide-legged trousers and skirts. Tucking your jeans into slimmer boots can get tricky. Save it for a pair of warm, furry Uggs or stacked boots that present more volume where it’s needed to please the eye.- A big belt

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A cinched waist creates the season’s most desired silhouette on a curvy or boyish frame. From studded leather to suede with sparkles, embellished belts are the way to go, and the bigger the better. Casually worn in the daytime with a tunic or boyfriend sweater and slim trousers or dazzling in the evening with your favorite dress, a belt can instantly pull it all together.- A flirty fedoraInStyle magazine featured this fedora from Roxy in its October issue. The brimmed hat adds an air of sophistication with just the right amount of edge. For a modern approach, try it in tweed or plaid.

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