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‘Suspicious pizza’ delivery to Craig police officers has interesting story

By Lauren Blair Craig Daily Press
Law enforcement didn't know what to make at first of a surprise pizza delivery Saturday, which was sent from the Marris family in thanks for Craig police officers' help in checking up on a loved one who recently moved to Craig.
Courtesy Craig Police Department

CRAIG — Craig Police Department was feeling the love Saturday once suspicions cleared around a pizza that was sent as a token of thanks from an appreciative family.

When a Domino’s Pizza delivery man showed up to the Moffat County Public Safety Center around 1:30 p.m. Saturday, detention staff at the jail responded since the center isn’t fully staffed on weekends.

“They checked around and said, ‘Nobody here ordered a pizza,’ which then prompted a call to officers,” said Craig Police Commander Bill Leonard.

They sent the pizza guy on his way but received a call shortly thereafter from the manager of Domino’s to explain the situation. Domino’s General Manager Shevaun Garcia heard about the incident after the fact.

“From what I understand, the couple had called and ordered the pizza as a surprise and when the driver got there, (the police) kind of freaked out,” Garcia said. “We won’t be sending any gift pizzas in that way anymore.”

The pizza was sent by the Marris family of Colfax, Wisc. with a thank you note to officers for their help Saturday morning in reaching a relative who had just moved to Craig. They couldn’t get a hold of their loved one, and officers Jessey Kennell and Ryan Fritz did a welfare check and found he was fine and the phone simply wasn’t working.

Despite the initial alarm, officers appreciated the gesture.

“With all the negative things that happen with law enforcement out there… people just want to let us know they support us and appreciate what we do,” Leonard said. “All of it is appreciated.”

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