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Many assumptions

This is in regards to the column Marty Lich and Frosty Wooldridge wrote about immigrants invading Eagle County. First of all, immigration is not only a problem in this valley, it is a problem in the whole U.S. Immigrants come to this valley to fill jobs that no American would fill. These jobs include construction, housekeeping and restaurant services. The reason why Americans would never fill these positions are because of the low-paying wages. Wages that immigrants settle with and don’t complain about. As of now, your opinion lacks facts and credibility when you say that illegal aliens are transmitting hepatitis and tuberculosis. How do you know? Have you become infected with any of these diseases? Immigrants do break our federal laws by not paying taxes. However, Americans also break our federal laws by hiring illegal aliens to work for them. Your facts are incorrect and inaccurate when you describe immigrants’ living conditions. There may be some immigrants that do live 20 to a trailer. However this is not how they all live. You are making assumptions without even knowing what really goes on with these hard-working immigrants. In my opinion, immigrants come to this valley to help our economy by working hard every day to make this valley a greater place. I also wanted to tell Marty Lich and Frosty Wooldridge to get their facts straight before they decide to write another story about illegal aliens invading Eagle County. Brenda Torres, EVHS student.

Personnel matters

Way to go, John Brendza. You showed them who’s the boss. Don’t let those teachers and administrators shove you around, because if you don’t like them, then just fire them. I understand that the Principal Nelson Gould at EVHS was not rehired and you not only let him go, but you did not even let him finish the school year. That’s really showing your muscle, and now that you’ve showed us that you are a person that we should not mess with, and you can really pull the wool over our eyes, why don’t you let Mr. Gould go and don’t give us, the parents, a valid reason? We are just parents and I guess that it doesn’t matter what we think. You must think we’re a bunch of imbeciles. My understanding is that Mr. Gould took our high school to the next level and his only reward was to be terminated. My hats off to you, Brendza. I think we ought to call you John “It’s My Way or the Highway” Brendza.

Art answers

This is Arthur Kittay. First of all I am not any transportation company’s man “bought and paid for” and am apparently answering another ill-informed mystery caller. If Vail Taxi is breaking any rules, they are doing it with valid federal, state and county licensing, which is more than I can say for some of the other transportation services at the airport. Vail Taxi and CME have the only legal required licenses, which are “on-call demand licenses.” If you were paying attention, you would already know that, but I think you do! Secondly, if all the companies operated legitimately, it would be called competition. This is something you also don’t seem to recognize. The pattern of our airport behavior does not appear to follow normal airport protocol in this country. Rules are arbitrarily created and appear to change daily by whatever management exists there. To solve this problem, we need a professional airport manager with the proper training to run an airport, not a biased approach guided by whoever swings the most weight around here. If you, sir or madam, know all the answers, apply for the job. Always remember, the bottom line is customer service.

Just too much

Hi. This is Steve Dreyfuss. My number is 479-9318. I have a second home in Vail. I got here on March 21 and after reading about your parking hang up, I’d like to add something. Got into town and was hungry, went to eat something, parked in the Vail Village lot, had lunch, went into a couple stores, I guess it’s an hour and a half free parking. I got back, it had been an hour and 36 minutes and it cost me $4. I guess I would have been better off with the $3.00 shopping parking. Just wanted to let you know. I think that this whole parking thing is a big mess in Vail.

Road rage

To the idiot driver going the wrong way on the on ramp on I-70 in Gypsum, 22 March, what the hell were you thinking? You’re lucky it was my boyfriend flashing his lights at you. If I were at the wheel, I would have backed you down, got out of my vehicle, and started in on your … .

A pretty excuse

This is in response to the commentary about Martha Stewart and her conviction. Well you are not speaking my view or other females with whom I have had this discussion. First of all, I assume the person who wrote this commentary is a male. Otherwise you would not comprehend the invaluable lessons that Martha has displayed not only on the female population, but indirectly to you female counterparts on the male population of this country. Martha has brought beauty and class to people who are less fortunate to acquire the good things in life, through her books, publications and K-Mart. Not one of the executives from Enron, WorldCom, etc., has contributed as much to our society in my opinion. But where are their convictions? Isn’t that convenient. Are you condemning her because she did immediate damage to you or because she is a female? I do agree that she lied, but the only other mistake she made was that she did not have the wisdom to hire Courtney Love’s attorneys, who are very successful at keeping the drug-addicted, child-neglecting mess out of jail. Interesting perspective, wouldn’t you agree?

Editor’s note: The author of that Our View is indeed a woman.

Too costly

Vail is so concerned about their image, what image does someone get for a quick stop in Vail. Gas prices 30 cents plus per gallon? ATM machines charging $3.50? Vail police patrolling 70, they say for noise, maybe more like a speed trap, because I’ve never seen the noise producing trucks, but only passenger cars stuck. Bad press.

What is path for?

I don’t understand why the county spends all this money constructing bike paths when I’m constantly dodging bicycles driving along the shoulders of the road. Maybe they should start using the bike paths instead of driving on the roads. Anyway, just a thought.

Honor of friend

Leroy, the owner of Vista Bahn chair, is no longer with us. Not dead, but no longer with VA. Great guy, he’ll be at the golf course on a regular basis if you want to go see him. I just want to let you know Leroy worked for Vail Associates for 30 years as a lift op. Leroy was the Vistabahn. He was basically a village man for that chair and always has and always will be in my mind. There should be at least a plaque with him on a pole there, or a golf club off to the side, I don’t know what to tell ya, but my tip to VA is you’ll never find an employee that will last that long again for you, because you probably can’t find a big heart like he had. This is from his number one ski buddy, Paul.

It was the war

The Mexican Americans didn’t steal your jobs. The war overseas took your job. Perhaps you should learn to speak Spanish, move to Mexico, work for an American corporation at one-tenth the wages, but above all, quit sniveling.

They’re not cattle

In regards to out of towners back in town, a special request by the Vail Daily could consist of not treating our tourists as if they’re cattle. How would you like to spend the kind of money that they spend in Vail and Beaver Creek and be referred to as if you’re a piece of meat. Please treat them as people just enjoying their hard-earned vacations so that Vail can consistently just get better.

Better things to do?

This is just a concern of mine about the Vail P.D. pulling over automobiles on I-70 for speeding. Last time I checked the state patrol did a pretty good job of that and the Vail Police has more important things to do, like taking care of some of the drug problems in this town or some of the thefts or petty crimes going here. To advertise you’ll be giving away a race weekend for people is completely retarded. Good luck trying to catch me on my motorcycle this summer. … Vail is only five miles long on I-70 and I can do a helluva lot faster than 185 in five miles. So good luck trying to catch me, and if you do, I’ll gladly enter my name into your stupid contest.

Only herself to blame

This is addressed to the people who may feel sorry for poor heart-broken Debbie and the saga that her friend had portrayed in writing about the crying puppy that got away. First of all, the dog was not yet available for adoption on the days which Debbie supposedly bonded with it. From personal experience with Eagle County Animal Shelter, it is my understanding that potential adopters should not have access to pets that are not yet available unless they are deliberately being sneaky by going into those restricted areas. In addition, Debbie should not have subjected herself to this from the beginning, and has only herself to blame for the tears that she has shed. Secondly, if the puppy was so important to her and her emotional space, she should have arranged to be there on time, or prior to the opening time of the shelter. She was informed as well as anyone else that it was a first come first served basis, so there’s no reason to cry. I had adopted pets from the shelter in the past and know for a fact that the shelter employees and volunteers are not spiteful or mean in any way and go above and beyond their duties for the benefit of all their animals. If anyone should have precedent over other potential adopters, it should be them, but even they adhere to their own policies without a pout.

Lack of respect

Hi this is in response to the sad commentary Tipsline I’m reading today. To Mike Walker, he’s complaining about his principal because he obviously doesn’t respect his elders or he sounds just like the immature teenager that he is and probably has a very big need for a principal like Nelson Gould.

Clean the slate

After reading a very well done article by the Vail Daily on Minturn’s mayor and the future of Minturn, there’s a comment in here that says, “I don’t think this council in my view is working for the people. They haven’t done a very good job.” Hawkeye Flaherty. Yes, you are very correct. The RV park has to be voted on by the town charter. It says it in the town charter, which Mr. Bidez and our town attorney Mr. Christianson deny. It’s in black and white. Open your eyes and pull your head out. When we vote to get a good community back on its track, we’re voting for J.D. Baumgartner, Hawkeye Flaherty and Tom Sullivan. They listen to people. Only three people. It would be nice to see a few faces change, also. We have a big government. I would love to see a new attorney and a new police chief. We’ve got new everything else. Let’s start a clean slate. And besides, instead of promoting our accountant to town manager, we went elsewhere. Way to break up a good relationship.

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