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Not a racial thingI1m very discouraged and saddened by Lionel Martinez1s letter in the newspaper on Sunday, March 10, regarding Hispanics. From the comments he made, obviously he didn1t understand what he was reading, because the two comments that were made said nothing about Hispanics<they said undocumented and illegal workers. Well, I don1t know, there1s four different types of blood in me<Spanish, Italian, French and German<and I don1t care for any of them, but I1m very proud of the way I was raised, and I1m very proud to be an American. I1m sorry he feels that way and took it upon himself to take the whole Spanish community under his wing, but that1s not what was being discussed. So maybe he should rethink his thoughts. I would like to add that I1m reading the paper here on Tuesday, March 12, and it says, 3alleged documents … peddler pleads guilty. Well, the fellow1s name was Martin Romero Esparza, and he didn1t belong in this country, and I want to let you know all the people who made money off him. He was selling illegal documents, a federal offense. He also had a Utah driver1s license that he was cashing checks with. So, Terry Diem, Dave Lugert, Terry O1Connor, Scott Hunter (the detective), and I1m sure there1s a few other people that made plenty of money on this illegal alien. And as far as I1m concerned, they went way too lenient on him. The restitution isn1t enough. They need to take every penny this guy has and never let him in this country again. It1s about time the people in this community start standing up for Americans. You speak English, you hire Americans, and you be good to your neighbors.So there!I noticed Don Rogers1 comment in the Vail Daily regarding how to make his newspaper better. Well the first thing you can do is stop trashing great local businesses like Vendetta1s and Pazzo1s. And also I noticed your newspaper getting thinner. Rumor is around town do not, and I repeat, do not advertise with the Vail Daily because of the way they are trashing the community. Also, they should get rid of Don Rogers, Richard Carnes and Alan Braunholtz, and print properly and effectively, and the truth instead of hyping up worthless issues. I hope you get thicker again.A quick listFirst of all I1d like to say that the Tipsline is without question the most entertaining part of this newspaper. Secondly, as for the drama queen Alan Aarons, if he was into champion solutions for ski area accidents, he would have put forth that 60 large to a sport group for retarded people who can1t get on the chairlift. Lastly, poor Richard is definitely entitled to his opinion, so keep printing his words in your newspaper because his beliefs count. And last but not least, if I wanted to live in a mud puddle or drive around in a mud puddle, I would move down to Edwards or Avon, so please stop the use of mag chloride.Top schools? PleaseShame on Cindy Ramunno and her irresponsible commentary lauding our 3incredible public high schools in this valley. Tell us please, how do you know a good principal just by looking at him? Just because you met with some area principals and were impressed by them, you concluded that this community has the benefit of superior schools. How naive. Even if we were fortunate enough to obtain the best principals in the state, that does not equate to an extraordinary education. The system is much more complex than that. Your article was a slap in the face to all of the parents who have worked so hard over the years to improve the quality of education in this valley only to be met with denial and brick walls. Your commentary only perpetuates that denial. Here1s a qualitative challenge. You stated that one proof of our school1s superiority is that they offer AP classes. Please. Do a little investigative reporting and do the community a real service. By informing us on just how well those classes are serving our kids. A qualified student taking just one AP class could earn as much as 5 hours of college credit after taking the national AP exam. A good AP class should be preparing a student to earn least 2 or 3 hours of credit. So a student graduating from BMHS after taking, say 3 AP classes, should be expected to start college with at least 6-9 hours of AP credit. Well, Ms. Ramunno, drive over to BMHS and talk to the AP coordinator, and report back to us on just how well our students are performing on these exams. How many students are leaving with how many credits? How incredible are these classes at our incredible schools? No excuses or warm and fuzzies please, just the undisputable facts. If you really care about district accountability then I expect to see an article on your findings soon. If the results are less than stellar, then tell us why. Is it because our kids are stupid or just ill prepared? To make improvements and actually achieve truly incredible schools, we must first move past the denial.Heart warmerJust when I think Heidi-ville isn1t Heidi-ville or Happy Valley anymore, something wonderful, like the letter from Walter Carter from Anderson, Indiana, thanking for the postcard lifts my heart and makes me feel so proud of Vail and the Vail Valley. This is a man who wrote requesting Vail postcards. Myself and I guess numerous other individuals sent him those postcards. I think this shows really well for our valley and hopefully we are all continuing 3Vail cheerleaders with the spirit and the pride that started Vail. I wanted to express my feelings about this and I hope that this can carry over into other areas of how we live here in Happy Valley.Best foot forwardHats off to Moe Mulrooney from Learning Tree. Her letter explains the significance of the years before 5. A quality child-care program teaches your children many, many of the basic things, along with character building and the assets of getting along with other children. Day care, child care, nursery schools, nannies, at home care, are all separate and different from one another. Many parents in the valley do not recognize or acknowledge that along with each different faction of child care comes the premium price of paying for quality care for their children. As in all things, you get what you pay for. Day care may be lower in price; it will also reflect in your children. A program such as the Learning Tree launches your children. … I am certain that many of these decisions are based on the finances of the family. Each family must decide what1s best for their children. Money spent in quality child-care assures a better human being down the road, and we must all pay our teachers and pay our child-care providers their worth. It1s the future of our country.On a campaignI think it1s time for everyone in Eagle County to hang their heads in shame. How can you let our government put magnesium chloride on our roads? I just finished a 1,200-mile round trip to another state where magnesium chloride is not used. The sides of the roads of the main roads had a light brown natural dust, not black sticky goo with arsenic and hydrochloric acid, barium, and whatever else. The side streets were snow-packed. People drove courteously. They waved hi to each other, instead of the Rat Pack we have around here. Just because a bunch of New York-Hawaiians bought Vail Resorts and turned it into the Bronx or an L.A., it doesn1t mean we still have to act like them. This is our health. Call your county commissioners and harass them, constantly, for our health and my health.Don1t like MikeI1m looking at the March 15 issue and I1m looking at 3the school board approves performance pay1and the little insert on the lawsuit, and I think Mike Cacioppo should just go away. Does anybody really care what he has to say?Airport woesIn the past three months the commercial ground transportation in and out of the Eagle County Airport, a minimum of 150 male and female drivers, come and go at least once a day, some of the folks go three or four times a day. No driver is allowed to leave their vehicle unattended ever, even for five minutes, due to an upgraded post 9-11 security, and that1s fine. This year the county commissioners have instituted a huge fee per passenger on the ground transportation customer, and to date there1s not one porta-potty or bathroom for these local voting resident drivers to use. Or they have their vehicles quickly booted or towed away. The county1s answer to drivers leaving their vehicles was to hire co-drivers to sit in the vans to protect themselves from violations while primary drivers could use the indoor bathroom. This response is totally out of the question from a surviving business point of view, as no business can afford a $10-$20 an hour co-driver just to comply with our airport1s lack of appropriate bathroom facilities for all guests and voting ground transportation employees. If the drivers can1t go to the airport1s one bathroom before the security checkpoint, then the county owes it to our resident drivers to put a unisex bathroom within reach of our vehicles for drivers use, without fees or usage consequences, fines, bootings, towing or outright denial of small business to operate at the Eagle Airport.Roundabout classIf the locals have to pass the smile program in order to get their ski pass then it seems like the folks in Denver ought to have to pass a roundabout etiquette class before they get their Buddy Passes. I think that1s only fair.Repair listNow that Postmaster Rick got the abandoned car moved away from the Avon Post Office so that the firetrucks can get in there, now he needs to get the door fixed that you come out of the post office, the main entryway, that door opens to the outside. The other door opens to the inside. When people try to rush out of there in case of a fire they1re all going to pile up against the door that opens to the inside and a lot of people are going to get hurt. They need to fix that door, get that door open. It1s been closed and locked for months, and it1s annoying as heck when you walk through there and you hit that door that1s locked. It1s a fire hazard,We were on a rescueMr. Schlegel, I am a professional firefighter who works for a local fire department. I consider myself part of a special group of people that is be categorized as emergency services. … I would like to apologize for holding you up and ruining your day while the fire department and emergency medical services personnel closed one lane of I-70 to tend to the Avon officer1s injuries that morning. … What if I told you that this officer was responding to a call for help by a citizen that wasn1t you? What would you think if that officer was injured following an accident while responding to your call for help? Would you feel bad for that person or would you complain because you felt we did not get to you within what you believe to be a reasonable time. Your lack of compassion disturbs me especially when so many of my brothers and sisters have made the supreme sacrifice protecting not only you but everyone in this country. This is America and we are all free to express our First Amendment Rights in expressing our ideas, but it does disturb me that you would pick on public servants who are paid such measly wages to respond to your calls for help.Rest of the storyTo the person who criticized car walking their dogs in Minturn, remember there1s always two sides to every story. I1ve had a hip replacement and cannot walk very far at all. My pooch loves running and playing with other dogs on that stretch. She doesn1t chase our car, as we go a little ways and stop, and she explores, and after a little while we go a little farther and she plays and explores or chases rodents. She loves it, and she knows exactly where we turn around and have her jump back in the car. So don1t criticize what you don1t fully understand.

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