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Or change signThis is to all the people who continually drive around the drive through area at the Wendy’s in Edwards. There’s a “do not enter” sign there. … I’m going to laugh at the day that some idiot goes through there without noticing the “do not enter” sign and somebody is coming down the road and you guys crash. Learn to read or you don’t deserve a license.Yeah, right!If anyone really believes that Bobby Ginn will build the town of Minturn a $10 million-plus sewage treatment plant, and the town would not be obligated to grant Ginn his development wishes, they’re really living in a fantasy land. Make no mistake about it. Ginn does not have the water he needs for his development so he’s trying to leverage Minturn to find water for himself. Many of us are disgusted with Ginn’s ridiculous development for the super wealthy. But it’s hard for people to speak out against it, because Minturn is a small town where doing so might offend your neighbors. Ginn’s project will destroy Minturn as a small community and turn it into a snobatorium. Can you really call that progress?Private propertyRegarding complaining about the complaints about the Avon Police Department: Do your homework. That “no lefthand turn” sign is on private property. Therefore, the police cannot enforce it. …Temps don’t gripeMore employee housing? Who benefits? Our local work force or the corporations who are hiring temporary seasonal workers for four months? Some local, year-round employees were told to get out of the employee housing in November. Could it be more profitable to rent to a work force that’s temporary, who are not apt to complain about crowded living conditions?Pungent defenseYou know there’s so much writing about us smokers when we stand outside and smoke. How about you guys that have those smelly diesels that you have to stand and smell, or your strong cologne that brings on allergy attacks and migraines. … Quit your whining.Below radarThis is in response to Arn’s glowing letter about the conditions and situations in Eagle County. One glaring omission, Arn. What is the status at the airport? Aren’t you the president of ECAT? What about the lawsuit? What about the parking? What about security? The portal to our economic future is troubled. Why was that not mentioned? Please respond. Thanks, Arn.Give to victimsUnfortunately the town of Vail cannot return $7.7 million to the victims who paid the tax to pay for the phantom convention center. I think the town of Vail should give the money to crime victim’s advocacy groups or persons in those groups. …Vail, Colorado

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