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Way to goI would like to thank the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Eagle County Trails Committee for the new pavement on the recreation path at Vail Pass. This is a great lesson in civics. A small group of motivated local residents working with state government for the benefit of the community. Good job, CDOT. Way to go, trails committee.How it worksMy name is Zuff Zuffaleto, I am the sales manager for Waste Management. I am answering the “What’s with that?” from Dennis in regards to our cardboard recycling. I would just like to make it very clear that we do recycle the corrugated cardboard. The truck that we use Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday looks like a trash truck, but it is dedicated to cardboard only. That truck collects the cardboard and then it’s driven to Silverthorne, which is about a three-four-hour trip. We chip the cardboard on the floor in the Silverthorne recycling center, they bale it and they send it to the end user. So we indeed do recycle the corrugated cardboard. I just want to make that very clear. So keep recycling. Thank you.That was no ladyI’d like to respond to the gentlemen that held the door for the woman at the Eagle Post Office. First, let met tell you that you are indeed a gentleman, looking at the word gentlemen in the dictionary it says, ‘a courteous, gracious and honorable man’ which indeed you are. Looking up the word of a lady, which you claim the woman was that you opened the door for, it’s a woman of high position or a woman who is polite and refined. Obviously that woman was not a lady, and we do as ladies do appreciate you opening doors and helping us out and yes we do hold doors for people, so please don’t give up.Picking upI’d like to thank the kind woman who was cleaning up all of the trash that is always left outside of the recycling bins by the Wal-Mart roundabout. I think that is very incredible and very respectable. And everyone else who leaves their trash, you better pull over and thank her for picking it up.A favoriteRegarding the Lionshead parking structure, I was at the town meeting … and I would like to congratulate and enthusiastically applaud the Hospitality Partners Ross Perot Jr. and their very visionary and town and community-oriented plans to redevelop that. I think their power point presentation was incredible. …Can he do that?I was just wondering why the sheep herder was cutting down a bunch of trees over the mountain bike trail north of Avon. He cut down about 20 trees lying across the mountain bike trail, and I was wondering how legal that is. You can’t do that. If you see him, make him known that it is not legal what he’s doing.Vail, Colorado

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