Tipsline: Getting out of Eagle isn’t easy |

Tipsline: Getting out of Eagle isn’t easy

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

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Emergency help

This note is all about love and appreciation. On Saturday, October 27, my best friend Roxanne Novia thought she was just taking me to Edwards Medical Center because I didn’t feel well. Roxanne experienced more than she would ever have thought.

I just want to thank the women who dealt with my situation at the Edwards Medical Center, the doctors and the two EMTs. I believe one’s name was Doug Foster, and I’m sorry I can’t remember the driver’s name. I thank the nurse with the Red Sox shirt on who was at the emergency ward; Marcia, my Ginger Ale dude, and most of all, Dr. Camper. I’ve lived in this valley for 20 years and I’ve never had to be put in an ambulance or the emergency ward for four-and-a-half hours. …

I also have to express my sincerity to my new boss of four months, Jan Jouflas from the Wolcott Yacht Club. Thank you so much for your compassion. How many bosses would appear at your home with homemade chicken and rice soup and a card signed by the employees? Jan, you’re the bomb.

I end this by once again thanking everyone at the Edwards Medical Center and Vail Valley Medical emergency ward, Jan Jouflas for her compassion, and Vicki Stone for watching my dog. Thank you, Vicki.

But most of all, thanks to my best friend Roxanne for always being there for me. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Love you, Patrice Cunningham.

Newbury for mayor

Now that we have four males trying to do the bidding for mayor, I think it’s time for the lady of etiquette to step in and become the mayor, and that’s Kim Newbury. Lewis Meskimen.

Editor’s note: The Vail Town Council voted Tuesday to make Dick Cleveland the mayor and Andy Daly the mayor pro tem.

Bad jobs, bad commutes

My name is Therese Antonelli. I live in Eagle. I read with interest in the Daily about the properties in Vail that are nearing completion, Arrabelle, specifically, (and) $1,300 per night includes one’s own butler. Wow. I can’t imagine a worse job in the Vail Valley.

Just don’t count on many workers coming out of Eagle. We can’t even get out of town, let alone get upvalley. Willy Powell, are you listening?

Signed, socialist chick.

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