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Special Service on Sunday

Please join Unity of the Mountains on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at the Avon Public Library for a special service presented by Carol Wilke with Robert Anderson providing music. Following the service, there will be a pot luck dinner, so bring a friend and a dish to share.

We will be exploring the limits of abundance and prosperity in our lives. We will identify sources of unexpected income and set a goal to tithe this income so that it may benefit the Salvation Army food bank. Examples of unexpected income include the following: You go to lunch with a friend and the friend pays for the meal; you go shopping for an expensive item and find it on sale for half price, the half you do not have to pay is your unexpected income; you find a dollar on the street or you receive an unforeseen rebate of gift of money.

Prosperity author Catherine Ponder states “Tithing is an act of faith that moves on the rich substance of the universe to prosper you mightily and to expand your world within and without in ways you would not have dreamed possible.”

From the Daily Word on a New Day:

“…I breathe deeply and feel the vibrant energy of this radiant new day. As I behold the myriad gifts in each now moment. I am aware of Infinite Life filling and enfolding me. Deep gratitude wells up within me for for the precious gift of life. I wake to my abundant blessings and embrace even those I may have dismissed in the past. Turning life into a wondrous song, I compose with every gift of God My song gives voice to the sacredness of my being. As it resounds, it sends a vibration of peace, joy, and love throughout the world.

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