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Upcoming ballot question could allow Eagle County commissioners to serve a third term

Commissioners say three-term elected officials have more influence at state, national level

Eagle County commissioners, from left, Jeanne McQueeney, Matt Scherr and Kathy Chandler-Henry, at Tuesday’s board of county commissioners meeting. McQueeney and Chandler-Henry are both in their second, 4-year terms as commissioners.
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An effort to allow county commissioners a third 4-year term will be on the ballot in Eagle County this November.

The three-person Eagle County Board of County Commissioners approved the ballot submission Tuesday. Commissioners Jeanne McQueeney and Kathy Chandler-Henry are both currently serving out their second 4-year terms. Board chair Matt Scherr was elected to his first 4-year term in 2020 after being appointed to the board in 2019.

County attorney Bryan Treu, who serves at the pleasure of the board, said the idea to allow commissioners a third term was his suggestion.

“I came up from Larimer County and commissioners there were three 4-year term commissioners, and I just think it’s a better platform for commissioners to deal with issues,” Treu said. “I think it allows commissioners to have a little more expertise in areas that aren’t just local.”

Scherr said while there are diminishing returns for the counties that have no term limits, the Eagle County Board of County Commissioners feels that boards which only allow two term limits are more limited.

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“What we see is those counties that do have commissioners who are able to serve and move up through organizations have more influence on behalf of their county on a statewide basis, and the ones that we feel are some of the most productive are those with three terms,” Scherr said.

Chandler-Henry has served for more than eight years as of this summer due to the fact that she was appointed to her first term. Her appointment occurred in July of 2013. Chandler-Henry is the county’s representative to the Water Quality Quantity Committee (QQ), Reudi Reservoir Water and Power Authority, Northwest Colorado Council of Government Economic Development District Board of Directors, Lake Creek Affordable Housing Corporation, FirstNet Governing Board, and the Colorado River Water Conservation District Board of Directors.

Chandler-Henry said if counties want to have influence at the state and national level, “it takes a while to make those relationships and those connections and work your way into leadership in those levels, the counties who have three terms in their commissioners seem to make good headway in that.”

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