Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Time to unmake friends |

Vail Daily Editor Don Rogers: Time to unmake friends

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

The sheriff can’t have two heads, but the Board of County Commissioners surely would be better off with more than three members.

These are my thoughts as we contemplate unmaking friends among the candidates in endorsement editorials this week.

We can rightfully feel confident that there are no horrible choices this fall, which not always is the case. Still, that makes these decisions no easier.

This election cycle we’re endorsing more selectively than in the past. We’re taking on the races for state House, the budget-crippling measures that seemingly came from the ether, sheriff, county commissioner and the Avon Town Council.

We kept to races in which we could interview the candidates face to face. We left senator, governor et al, along with most of the ballot alone.

I don’t necessarily agree with our group decision, but it makes sense. It also follows the classic writers’ adage to write about what you know. We know a little more from talking with the candidates we’ll recommend this week.

We broke with this course only with Amendments 60 and 61, and Proposition 101. The authors are anonymous and their measures ridiculous, so much so even the conservative groups reject them.

Our purpose does not come from a presumption we can tell you how to vote. No, these simply are expressions of how we view governance from our unique vantage. Our purpose is to share one more perspective for you to weigh as you consider yours.

There are differences among the candidates for local office, but we recognize each as capable. That’s a good foundation, unlike my personal view of a number of national races, and for governor of Colorado, frankly.

I’ll go with John Hickenlooper by default, though I think he can best serve as Denver’s mayor. I’m holding my nose and voting for Ken Buck as senator, going with ideology over the person on this one.

Jared Polis is solid as U.S. representative; and yes, he read the health care tome before voting. But I’m also ready for the GOP to take over again.

I’m a homer for Kaye Ferry, the Republican running for state school board. She’d bring a fresh view, and voice, to that outfit.

The local measures are wacky half-steps: I’m voting against “medicinal” pot shops, a bad joke, and a third term for commissioner. Lift term limits completely, and there’s something worth thinking about. Same with properly legalizing marijuana. The wink-wink thing is embarrassing.

How about you? Agree or disagree, our collective decisions matter. So be sure to vote, ideally wisely.

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