Vail Daily letter: Just a footnote to history |

Vail Daily letter: Just a footnote to history

Peter Bergh
Edwards, CO Colorado

Recently, the airways and print have revealed a frightening parallel between the zealotry of the Taliban in Afghanistan and some members of the once badly dispirited Republican party.

Flushed with victory, the Far Right now holds sway in the House of Representatives believing (incorrectly) that their rise to power was because the electorate was fed up with President Obama’s attempts to lead the nation out of the morass largely created (certainly exacerbated) by the many poor decision made by the previous Republican administration under George Bush.

Enjoying membership in one of the most exclusive clubs in the world, drawing a handsome salary and covered by the Cadillac of all health care plans, these self-anointed disciples of some non-existent deity have pledged to deny millions of fellow Americans access to even a basic health care plan, prevent women of having control over their own bodies, pooh-poohed the fact of global warming and to make it still easier for corporations, big banks, Wall Street and 2 percent of the population to amass huge fortunes while decimating the environment and impoverishing those who placed them in office.

As it turns out, voters demanded a change in government not because they were fans of the likes of the Taliban or the Tea Party, but because they were terrified of losing their jobs, their homes and their future. Bottom line it was, and still is, “the economy, stupid.”

Certainly people in the United States have the right to believe in whatever they choose, however the framers of our Constitution were very wise when they built in a deliberate separation of church and state. Who other than Alabama’s governor Bentley and a few other nutcase males would choose Taliban rule?

Polls are indicating that a majority of Americans are not buying what the Republicans are selling. Thanks to some bold and wise moves by the Obama administration the country did not sink into the Greatest Depression, the economy is showing signs of recovery, jobs are being created, many millions of Americans now have access to health insurance and thanks to enlightenment more than half of the population of the United States is not forced to wear burkas.

Recent Republican victories will most likely prove be a footnote to history, and I am confident that the country will elect Barack Obama to a second term because most voters are coming to the realization that over-consumption and mounting debt is no longer wise economic policy, and they will trust and embrace the vision, logic and sustainability of new economic and social policies.

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