Vail Daily letter: Wrong mindset |

Vail Daily letter: Wrong mindset

Cas Dunlap
Vail, CO, Colorado

A couple of points on Jim Cameron’s letter to the editor, “GOP’s views are rich.”

I don’t agree with Mr. Cameron’s economic theory. But then, economic theories are kind of like … noses: Almost everybody’s got one.

In my opinion, whether or not the theory is correct depends on whose theory it is and who’s talking about it.

I agree with his suggestion that everyone should vote in the upcoming November elections.

However, my problem with his letter is his assertion “The operative words are plutocracy and aristocracy. If you are relatively wealthy and older, this Republican moment is definitely for you. If you are something else, you better vote for something else.”

After reading those statements several times, I’m not totally sure what he means. My best guess is that he’s saying that if you’re young and have no money, then you better not vote Republican.

I respectfully take issue with this position, not because a citizen should not vote his self-interests and his ideas of good government, but because Mr. Cameron’s directive seems to make a division between citizens on a basis contrary to the ideals of our republic: wealth and age vs. youth and no wealth.

The United States, the Great Experiment in Democracy, is based on the idea that individual citizens in this country may live free to develop in any way they choose as long as it does not impinge on the freedoms of other citizens.

As far as I know, wealth is not a limited quantity. Perhaps more elemental is the idea that each of us is an American, bound as brothers and sisters by a fundamental attachment to this country and to each other.

There is something contrary to our basic premises that you and I should be on opposite sides (enemies?) because you are older and you have more money than I do.

If my side wins, do I get to take all your money? Move you to the “relatively older” folks home so I can live in your house? What happens when I am “relatively older” or make more money? Do I have to be enemies with my former comrades?

In this republic, not to mention the brotherhood of man, is it really important at all that you have suffered the ravages of age and have accumulated more things than I have? Were it possible, would you trade your money for my youth? Or vice versa?

In a nutshell, I’m really weary of people telling me that I should have negative feelings about my countrymen and women because of some irrelevant distinction and in order to further their own agenda.

If you like what your government is doing, vote for the incumbent. If you don’t like what your government is doing, vote for the challenger. Vote Democrat, Republican or independent.

But don’t vote because someone wants you to think the “other side” is wicked. It’s not true and it’s a mindset that divides and weakens our country at a time when we really don’t need that.

Cas Dunlap

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