Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: As our world shrinks |

Vail Daily’s Don Rogers: As our world shrinks

Don Rogers
Vail, CO, Colorado

So, the global economy might collapse again because a country with fewer people than Los Angeles can’t pay its bills?

The universe is guided by Einstein’s smooth relativities if we’re talking about anything bigger than an atom, and by complete chaos in the smaller spaces?

The nation’s voters are overwhelmingly moderate politically, yet the parties kill themselves to put up crazy, uncompromising ideologues for candidates?

If we don’t throw every tax dollar we have at the schools, our kid backed by thousands annually from the state will surely fall to the Communist Chinese kid whose parents must pay for high school and has a 57 percent chance of not even getting that far?

What are we missing here? If aliens ever do arrive, they’ll laugh their you know what’s off.

Our quantum physics of accounting makes it cheaper to use up dwindling fossil fuels to ship manufactured items across the ocean than across town.

We cry poverty while we can eat fresh strawberries in the dead of winter, drink coffee from beans grown in Sumatra — organic and free-trade certified, of course.

We’re awash in wealth, even in the worst downturn since the Great Depression.

We’ve never known more about healthy habits or been fatter. We love sports but hate to work out.

We complain about our lack of time, while we waste our evenings watching television.

We have more “friends” than friends. We text more than we talk. Then we brag about being “connected.”

Our children’s most earnest aim is to be … famous.

No wonder we’re worried about Third World countries eating our lunch someday. Maybe they should. We did it to the big fat lazy empires in our turn, too.

We’ve never been smarter. We’ve never acted dumber.

Can this species be saved?

If so, it’s Mom’s classic advice we’ll have to heed: You have nothing without your health, so take care of yourself. Eat your peas. Wash your hands. Do your homework. Go outside. Help others. Be nice. Say thank you.

Seems simple enough. But of course we can’t help but complicate things and get all confused.

And that’s where we are now: Confused. The world has shrunk small as an atom — and therefore has become ever more chaotic. This must be a law akin to physics.

Or, to twist this musing with some string theory, maybe we’re just out of tune.

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