Vail Recovery Lab owner: Come see what the hype is about

‘Only a matter of time before these facilities become commonplace in mountain towns’

Harrison Brown at his new business, Recovery Lab, in Vail. Brown offers complimentary foot massages and recommends compression boots for anyone who has sore legs after a day of skiing.
John LaConte/Vail Daily

Altitude, exercise and alcohol are all reasons on their own to seek out services like oxygen boosters and IV therapy. But when you combine the three, you really end up needing services like those offered at Recovery Lab, a new business in Vail.

Eagle County native Harrison Brown spent much of his youth as a bartender in Vail, tending to people who would soon be in need of recovery therapy services.

“I’ve always known the need for recovery services were prevalent in Vail,” he said. “Centers like this have popped in some ski areas as a way to treat altitude-related illnesses, and I think it’s only a matter of time before these facilities become commonplace in mountain towns.”

Recovery Lab is a new business in Vail, located in the Ritz Carleton building on Lionshead Circle.
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So when the opportunity arose to start a business offering those services in Vail, Harrison jumped at the opportunity. Two-hundred renovation hours later, Recovery Lab is ready in Vail and already seeing business from visitors and locals alike.

The visitors are seeking oxygen, aromathearpy and IV treatments, Brown said. The locals are seeking use of the hyperbaric chamber and cryotherapy services. And both locals and visitors alike are using the foot massage and compression boot therapies after a day on the mountain.

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“If you want to see what we’re about, come in for a complimentary foot massage,” Brown said.

Harrison Brown offers IV and oxygen treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, cryotherapy icing, vitamin treatments and more at Recovery Lab. Recovery Lab’s premium offering includes NuCalm stress-reduction with Woojer haptic technology.
John LaConte/Vail Daily

Top-level therapy

Brown said Recovery Lab combines his learnings from living in Vail with those of his wife, a massage therapist who treats high-level athletes.

“At the Burton US Open tent, for example, she was seeing these different technologies that only top athletes had access to,” Brown said.

A high level snowboarder himself, Brown began looking into some of what he was hearing about from his wife.

“It was hard in the general public to get access to this stuff, you’d have to go to a doctor or a PT clinic and pay high prices,” he said.

Compression boots, for example, can change a vacation for somebody, Brown said.

“Some people want to ski two days in a row and can’t the next day because their legs are too sore,” he said. “You hate to see people put all this money into a vacation and have it ruined because of nausea, dehydration, headaches or sore muscles.”

Skiers take advantage of the new services offered by Recovery Lab in Vail.
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NuCalm relaxation

Brown’s premium product is a relaxation therapy which can lower your blood pressure through natural means, using NuCalm stress-reduction technology. Brown recommends using it in combination with a Woojer haptic technology vest for the full sensation.

“It’s an altered reality designed to make you more relaxed,” he said. “An FDA-approved stress reliever which is completely drug free.”

Those who have seen someone hypnotized can understand the mind’s ability to block out things happening around it, and while Brown says NuCalm is a different process, the results look similar to an observer.

After an hour on the NuCalm treatment, “we’ll have people come out of it, and there will be other people in the room, and they didn’t even realize they were there.”

Recovery Lab is located in the Ritz Carlton in Lionshead.

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