Vail Today: The Dude Diet cookbook brings alternative dishes to the table (video)

By Tricia Swenson | Vail Today
If your idea of a healthy dish is some lettuce topped with deep-fried chicken fingers and heaps of ranch dressing, the Dude Diet might be for you. “The Dude Diet” is a cookbook that is the brainchild of Serena Wolf. She put her culinary skills learned at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris to use all in the name of salvaging her dude’s dreadful dietary habits. It wasn’t long after Wolf moved in with her boyfriend that she saw the way he ate firsthand and became concerned about his long term health. Wanting him to live past the age of 35, Wolf started creating drool-worthy dishes that utilized whole foods that went beyond her dude’s favorite food groups of meat, cheese, white bread. Wolf recently spoke about her new cookbook, “The Dude Diet”, at the Bookworm in Edwards where samples were shared and so was her story. It started out being a feature on her blog, She received such positive feedback about it that she decided to do the cookbook. Her dude started receiving positive feedback as well, in the form of a smaller waistline. “He’s lost 20 pounds since he started the Dude Diet two years ago,” stated Wolf. Although there’s a lot of humor in Wolf’s story, she also gets serious when explaining why refined carbohydrates aren’t ideal and how you need to exercise portion control. For meat, fish and poultry, six to eight ounces is the amount recommended. “That portion is about as large as your hand, so unless you have freakishly large hands, there’s no excuse for eating giant hunks of meat,” joked Wolf. In the cookbook, Wolf breaks down the essentials needed like pantry and fridge staples, cookwear and also clues you in on how to pronounce quinoa. From putting a healthy twist on take-out favorites to sneaking a few veggies into a sausage pizza, the Dude Diet proves to be something that is man-tested and dude approved. Get your copy at the Bookworm today.

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