Veterinarian-comedian Kevin Fitzgerald returns to The Back Bowl on Saturday, Feb. 13 |

Veterinarian-comedian Kevin Fitzgerald returns to The Back Bowl on Saturday, Feb. 13

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Over the years, Kevin Fitzgerald has opened for some of the greatest comic talents of our time, including the legendary Bob Hope. He will headline Comedy Night at the Bowlmor in Eagle on Saturday, Feb. 13.
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If you go …

What: Comedy Night at the Bowlmor, with Kevin Fitzgerald and opener Damian Griffin.

When: 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 13.

Where: The Bowlmor Lounge at The Back Bowl, 50 Chambers Ave., Eagle.

Cost: $15 in advance or $18 on the day of the show.

More information: Tickets can be purchased in person at The Back Bowl or by phone with a credit card by calling 970-328-BOWL. Learn more at

EAGLE — The best comedians seem to have a knack for drawing inspiration — and new material — from their surroundings and life experiences. If that’s the case, then Kevin Fitzgerald’s profession serves his material needs in a way unlike any other standup comedian in the business today.

You see, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald has been a practicing veterinarian for more than 30 years, and when he’s not mending the bones of old Fido or Puff the Cat, he’s tickling the funny bones of audiences throughout the West. And if you’ve never imagined a veterinarian comic, then now is your chance, as he returns for Comedy Night at the Bowlmor at the The Back Bowl in Eagle today at 8 p.m.

Working with Legends

After college, Fitzgerald got slightly distracted when a friend offered him an opportunity to go on the road with some band called The Who. For a young guy seeking his way, it was a pretty easy lifestyle choice, and he eventually found himself working as a roadie for other music legends — The Police and The Rolling Stones — before landing in veterinary school and going on to a career in medicine.

But Fitzgerald never gave up on the dream he originally nurtured as the class clown in his youth and soon found his way to the stage, where he was able to ply his talent for comic observation. He has since gone on to become one of the most in-demand comics on Denver’s very robust comedy circuit.

It wasn’t long before local clubs tapped him to open for the national talent as they toured the region. Throughout the years, he has opened for some of the greatest comic talents of our time, including the legendary Bob Hope, and he’s worked with many others, such as Dennis Miller, Lewis Black, Kevin Nealon, Craig Ferguson, Larry the Cable Guy and Denver’s comic wunderkind Josh Blue. He also starred in his own television series on Animal Planet.

“There’s a reason why we try to get Kevin for our live comedy series as often as we can … which is tough with his TV and touring schedule,” said Bowlmor owner Joe Gonzalez. “The guy is just flat-out hilarious. He’s really subtle in his delivery, and that laid-back persona really sneaks up on you when you suddenly realize that you’re in stitches.”

Which makes it a good thing that there’s a doctor in the house.

Opening the show for his first time at The Back Bowl is Damian Griffin. Griffin possesses an uncanny ability to parody life’s many absurdities in a way that takes no prisoners and leaves few standing unscathed. He’s already a veteran of iconic clubs such as the Improv and the Comedy Works and is in high demand throughout the region as a headliner and nationally as an opener for big shots such as Chelsea Handler and Kathleen Madigan.

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