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Where are you watching the Super Bowl?

Katie Coakley
Daily Correspondent
Gore Range Brewery owner and chef Pascal Coudouy moves a pizza to the wood oven. The restaurant will offer appetizer and drinks specials, as well as a halftime dance compeition, during Sunday's game.
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As you might have heard, there’s a football game on Sunday. A big one. And while there’s no question as to what team you’ll be cheering on to victory, there may be a question as to where you’re going to watch the game. It’s tough decision as the Vail Valley is home to more than 100 bars and restaurants, a daunting choice when you’re just deciding where to go for dinner, much less where to watch the most anticipated football game of the year. However, there is an easy way to make the decision — as long as you know what sort of person you are.

The betting man

The Big Game for you is more than just bragging rights — it’s the chance to score a big payoff if you place your bet correctly. If you’re interested in tangling with Lady Luck, head to Mountain Standard in Vail. They’re offering $20 squares for their Super Bowl pool. Not rich enough for your blood? Gore Range Brewery’s pool has a $25 and $50 square options, as well as appetizer and drink specials and a halftime dance competition.

The only thing left is to ask yourself a question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

The connoisseur

You know that just because you’re watching football doesn’t mean that you have to settle for drinking the same light lager that’s making everyone cry with its puppy/horse commercial during the game. We live in Colorado; we have tasty brews. In Vail, the Vail Ale House has 20 beers on tap with more available by bottle and plenty of massive screens to watch the game. In Eagle, head to Bonfire Brewing. Not only will its wide range of craft beers be available for sipping, but they’re handing out orange beer, have prop betting and giveaways.

Because friends don’t let friends drink crappy beer.

The Size-ist

True, we’ve heard that size doesn’t matter, but that statement usually comes from someone — or something — small. You know that on Super Bowl Sunday, size does matter. And the bigger the better.

Head to Cinebistro in Vail to cozy up with the big game on the big screen. Yep, the same screen that brought you Sandra Bullock floating in space will send you into the outer realms of bliss as you watch a bigger-than-life Mr. Peyton Manning shout “Omaha!” Drink specials and football appropriate snacks will provide sustenance for your experience.

There’s no such thing as too big.

The Vocalist

There’s no such thing as a quiet football game and you, friend, have a set of lungs that would make Pavarotti proud. You realize that the team really can hear you yelling through the television and your goal is to let the Broncos know that you’re behind them all the way. Your dedication to the team needs perfect acoustics for your performance, so head to the Altitude in the Evergreen Lodge to get your spirit on. They’ll have drink specials for the big game and plenty of open space for your cheers to ring far and wide.

In Avon, Red Mountain Grill is your stage. With 19 TVs, 28 beers on tap and multiple beer, appetizer and shot specials, you can hoot, holler and raise your rallying cry to your heart’s content.

Who says Seattle has the loudest fans?

The UnFan

It’s hard to believe, but there are some people out there who only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Shocking, but you know who you are. You also know that you’ll need something to keep yourself occupied when the clock’s running. So, while your buddies are dissecting the last flag on the play, you’ll be demonstrating your split ball. The Back Bowl in Eagle is hosting a Super Bowl bash that includes drink and food specials as well as LCD screens over every lane and Bol in Vail will be opening early for the game. So even if no one has scored in the first quarter, you will.

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