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Which candidate would you ski with?

Steve LynnVail CO, Colorado

VAIL – A ski mountain could be one of the last places you would find a presidential campaign stump – or a presidential candidate. No 2008 Republican or Democratic candidates list whether they ski on their Web sites.So going with little evidence, skiers and snowboarders on Vail Mountain imagined what skiing with their favorite – or least favorite – candidates would be like. But do any candidates actually ski or snowboard? “I bet you none of them ski,” said skier Ryan Stutler, of New York. “What a waste of a life, huh?” With whom would you ski?Snowboarder Janna Snodgrass, of Denver, said she would ski with Hillary Clinton because Hillary has a “positive,” “can-do” attitude. “She’d wait for me, unlike a male candidate,” Snodgrass said as she looked at her boyfriend, Andres Ramirez. Ramirez, of Vail, protested the jab, saying that he waits for his girlfriend.Could Democratic candidate Barack Obama catch up to Hillary on the slopes in a ski race (a metaphor for a presidential campaign)?”I think he would surpass her,” said Peg Worthy, of Denver.How would they ski?Hillary is probably a “pie skier,” skiing with the tips of her skis close together and in a wide stance, said skier Lyssa Smock, of El Paso, Texas. “She just seems kind of uptight, like she wouldn’t let go,” Smock said.Republican candidate Ron Paul lives in Texas, and “I don’t know how much skiing there is in Texas,” said Bill Stutler, Ryan Stutler’s father. “He believes in individual liberties, so individually, he’d probably be a good skier,” Bill Stutler said about Paul. Like Paul, many candidates come from Midwestern and Southern states where skiing and snowboarding is tough to come by, much less the steeps of Vail Mountain. “(Former Arkansas Gov. Mike) Huckabee’s doing well in Iowa, but I’m not sure he would do well in Vail,” said Russ Loomis, a skier from Minnesota. Republican candidate Mitt Romney looks like the most likely candidate for good skier due to his athletic build, Loomis said.Romney went to Brigham Young University, but his Web site does not say anything about him skipping classes to ski Snowbird on powder days. What would they wear? Snowboarders said they thought Hillary would dress like a tourist skier. They guessed she would wear everything from a tight, pink jacket to a one-piece suit with silver sequins to jeans. “She’s from Arkansas, right?” said Dan Murray, of Denver.Barack Obama would wear “flashy” winter gear, skier Ben Modugno said.”He’s very into the way he looks,” Modugno said. “His presentation is well-polished.”Some people said they would not want to ski or snowboard with any of the candidates. Greg Bartz would rather ski with a “Secret Service guy,” he said. “He might have some stories to tell,” Bartz said.

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