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Why the raises, bonuses in Minturn during these troubled times?

Frank Lorenti
Minturn , CO, Colorado

Amazing that in these troubled economic times, the Minturn citizens allow our Town Council to spend our tax money so flagrantly. First, the council wanted to give staff a 8 percent pay raise, then all of a sudden it went higher to 9 percent. That is not all, though. The town has so much money that they will now give a $1,000 bonus to employees.

I had asked for lower taxes, and the council said it had no money. No lower taxes, said George Brodin, town councilor. Now Mayor Hawkeye states that the town has a surplus of money.

Zero morals on the entire Town Council. I would rather they spend my tax dollars on a morals and ethics class.

We have gone from about a $1.2 million budget to more than $3.3 million, and the budget will get higher every year. A question that honest people should be asking is, “Where is the money going?”

They promised me a sidewalk years ago, then let it quietly slip away. Small-town America and I can’t even walk to downtown safely with my children.

I still pay high water and sewer rates, which Hawkeye said they might raise at a later date. Not one other Minturn citizen has the guts to stand up to the council. I believe that the council retaliates against people who speak up, but come on.

By voting for Ginn, the citizens should be rewarded by paying lower taxes, better quality of life, etc. Town staff backed Ginn, and look at what they get: pay raises, bonuses.

Meanwhile, we hardworking citizens have to tighten our belts and spend money cautiously, maybe cut back on Christmas gifts for our children, while we are forced to pay extra for pay raises and bonuses to town staff. Tell me how many of you will get a 9 percent pay increase and a $1,000 bonus this year? Maybe you do not deserve it. Maybe the Minturn town staff works harder than you do.

Go tell your boss that you worked hard this year and you deserve a bonus and a 9 percent pay raise.

How long will the sheep continue to be led to slaughter before they fight back?

Frank Lorenti


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