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Letter: Let’s rethink condemnation

As a small business owner in town, I think we really need to rethink condemnation of Booth Heights. We are in a housing crisis and need to think about the future of our community. With targeted mitigation of the land above Katsos Ranch Road, we can save the bighorn sheep and provide the needed housing on Booth Heights.

I believe our hard-earned tax dollars can go somewhere else versus paying Vail Resorts for the land’s market value. We are in desperate need of affordable housing. This makes no sense to me. We need more time to collaborate. We can have housing and a healthy sheep herd. Is this really about the sheep or are land owners upset about having affordable housing near them?

We need to continue to come together as a community to improve the housing issue so we can provide the best customer service experience for our guests.

How can we as a community and as small business owners in the town work together to solve these issues that greatly affect not only our businesses but our families? Please don’t go to war with Vail Resorts. We can work together toward our mutual goals.

Hilary Magner

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