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Letter: Making every vote count in Colorado

National Popular Vote opponents are circulating the myth that by ensuring every vote by every Coloradan counts equally in electing a president, we would somehow be acceding our state’s power and influence to California. In fact, just the opposite is true. 

As one of the 48 states with a “winner takes all” system of awarding Electoral College votes, California’s Electoral College votes go to whoever wins the popular vote there — just like in Colorado. With 55 Electoral College votes, California accounts for 10.2% of the national total of 538. If the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact were in place, however, in each of the past five presidential elections the popular votes for the winner in California only averaged 6% of the total popular votes for that candidate nationwide. So, for example, in 2016, 8.75 million Californians voted for Hillary Clinton, which was 6.4% of the national total popular vote. That is a 41% decrease in influence.

The point is that the current system gives California and other mega-states an outsize advantage over Colorado and other medium-to-small states in electing a president. Under a National Popular Vote, every voter is politically relevant in every presidential election. Every vote counts toward electing the voter’s choice. No one’s vote is canceled out. And the winner of the popular vote nationwide always wins the White House. That’s a system good for Colorado and good for America.

Sylvia Bernstein


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