Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on Issue 2A |

Vail Daily letter: ‘No’ on Issue 2A

Avon Ballot Issue 2A proposes a new tax increase of $22,685,936 accompanied by the ability to increase the mill levy “without limitation” to satisfy the related obligation. Do not be fooled by spin. This is the increase in future Avon property taxes if the issue is not defeated.

In addition, Avon’s current tax burden is significantly higher than its neighbors and competitors for real estate and shopping dollars. For example, Avon’s mill levy is 20 percent higher and transfer tax double the town of Vail. Edwards has no transfer tax and a significantly lower sales tax rate.

The amount and unlimited liability of this issue, regardless of future economic conditions, should shock and scare all Avon taxpayers. A “no” vote on Avon Ballot Issue 2A is a vote for a more prosperous and competitive town of Avon and its taxpayers.

David Strandjord


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