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Letter: Why I’m Voting For Barry Davis and Kim Rediker

I’m asked from time to time what I think makes a good Vail Town Council member. The answer isn’t hard. To me, the best council members are those who understand that the success of Vail is due to a delicate balancing act between the many constituencies within the town.

The best council members are not beholden to any of these constituencies but are able to navigate between them. And even when they have a disagreement with someone, they are happy to turn their quick “milk run” to City Market into a 45-minute discussion on the topic of the day. They listen. They keep their mind open to always having it changed by public comment or the comments of their fellow council members. They take the time to prepare before each meeting so that they are well informed of the facts and the salient laws and statutes. They understand the background and they have given the issue much thought.

I’m happy to say that I have served on multiple boards with two of the current candidates, and they fit this definition of the ideal candidate as if the definition was written specifically for each of them (it wasn’t). I am happy to support both Barry Davis and Kim Rediker for Vail Town Council. Both have proven their dedication to our town. Both are some of the smartest people that I’ve had the honor of serving with. And both will make great Vail Town Council members.

I will proudly be voting for Barry and Kim on my mail-in ballot. We should be receiving them shortly. And If I see you in City Market or Safeway, I’m still happy to spend time discussing the topics of the day or why you should also be voting for Barry and Kim.

Mark Gordon

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