Romer: What do you love most about living here? |

Romer: What do you love most about living here?

Eagle County is in the midst of the Vista project, designed to promote participation in community development, rebuild the economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and improve equitable access. These admirable and important goals can only be achieved if you take the time to share your viewpoints to build a better outcome.

The project asks community members to share their stories and feedback to a variety of questions. The first question is: “What do you love about your community?” There is much to love about Eagle County. Some of the things I love:

I love the sense of family that exists in Eagle County. Our family has called Eagle County home for the past 24 years, and like many here, we do not have extended family in the area. Thus, our Eagle County friends have become a treasured extended family. We have dubbed them our “valley family,” and they have provided a much-needed support network through good times and bad.

I love that this community always gives back, even when times are tough. I consider myself fortunate to have served on numerous boards and have volunteered for numerous different organizations since moving to Eagle County, and I have never seen so much raw thoughtfulness in any community as I have here in Eagle County. This community gives time, talent and treasure to our community organizations and nonprofits. We see needs and build programs and services to address them.

I love that no matter the season, no matter the day, you will find the adventure you are looking for. Outdoor recreation abounds and is accessible for almost everyone within a short drive or bike ride. The accessibility of our trails, rivers, mountains and parks ensures that there is always an outdoor adventure waiting for us.

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I love our business community. Our business owners and operators are a scrappy bunch, working hard to provide high levels of service to our visitors and our community. It is rare to see such a high level of commitment from business owners to not only their business, but to the larger community. Our business community is filled with small business owners working hard to make a difference and build a better community.

I love our nonprofit community. Community is a big deal in Eagle County, and there are great nonprofit organizations working to fill needed niches and do important work to address our social needs, the environment, youth education, health and other roles. No matter your passion, there are many nonprofit organizations around to get involved with and contribute to. These organizations make our community better.

I love that our community is not a homogeneous group of people who all think and act the same. We are a diverse and engaged group of people who are committed to solving problems together, in an environment of mutual respect. Our emerging young leaders and our part-time residents work alongside more established community members to take on the hard work needed to address community issues.

I love our entrepreneurial spirit as we bootstrap our way to success despite the challenges that exist in a rural resort area. Issues such as housing, health care, behavioral health, child care (etc, etc) are acknowledged; I love our collaborative spirit and the public-private approach to working to address these issues together.

What about you? Are you ready to help make our community better? Will you join me in sharing your story? We all have a unique viewpoint on what we love about Eagle County. Share your story at

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