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Vail Valley Charitable Fund: The best gifts

Raj Manickam
Vail Valley Charitable Fund

As a 43-year-old company, SteamMaster Restoration and Cleaning has had a long relationship with the Vail Valley Charitable Fund since its inception in 1996. The goodwill and recognition between VVCF and SteamMaster solidified into a partnership when we initiated our first annual charitable golf fundraiser in November of 2015.

Raj Manickam

The SteamMaster Golf Tournament was founded that year due to the unforeseen passing of our Kim Matthews, who was our marketing director at the time. “Let’s help the Matthews’ children and start a college fund with proceeds from this tournament,” stated Gary Gilman, president of SteamMaster. The golf tournament then continued on for more than 15 years.

The Vail Valley Charitable Fund lent a hand playing an advisory committee role and helped with channeling the monies to the named nonprofit beneficiaries and the Matthews Education Fund. Our partnership with the VVCF grew exponentially year after year with its involvement and guidance. Each year, some of the proceeds from SteamMaster Golf were allocated to VVCF for its charitable distribution through direct aid grants and special programs like the Eagle County Smiles children’s dental program.

The turnaround of events and unexpected challenges in life can happen suddenly. With that comes tremendous emotional and financial burden. Individuals with an already challenging situation such as a health crisis, injury, or life-threatening events simply cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. For all these situations and more, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund is always there to step in and help, lend an ear, and coordinate relief — either immediately or working towards a longer-term solution to provide assistance.

Beyond providing the vehicle for fundraising, the VVCF team members and volunteers work events that require hours of time and days of creative energy. The offering of time by this circle of compassionate individuals is as meaningful and supportive to the grant recipient in need as the grant itself.

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Often, the individuals and families who are recipients of these funds become advocates, serve as cheerleaders themselves, and give back financially or volunteer when they can do so.

For 25 years now, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund has awarded almost 2,000 grants, amounting to nearly $8.5 million distributed to members of this local community in need.

Vail Valley Charitable Fund’s all-volunteer board and core team members have made an indelible “heart” symbol on this community. This seems fitting, as Rohn Robbins, the founder and chair of the Vail Valley Charitable Fund, always says “It’s all about the heart.”

Please consider supporting this wonderful organization. You can provide direct support through their website anytime at or schedule your donation for the VVCF on Colorado Gives Day, which is on Dec. 8 but will taking donations throughout November at

Thank You, VVCF, for all the caring and compassion you shower upon this community.

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