INTUEAT makes dining in easy |

INTUEAT makes dining in easy

Let this innovative catering company take care of all the details

INTUEAT's Chef Tyler Bergquist crafted his Nashville chicken appetizer with skin, thigh, spice, pickle and chili.
Tricia Swenson/Vail Daily

Want to host a dinner party but don’t want the hassle? INTUEAT makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Pick your trading card chef
  2. Collaborate about the meal
  3. Sit back during the event and let INTUEAT do the rest

INTUEAT is an innovative luxury brand that brings their team of talent chefs and diners together. The chefs are listed on the website and their profiles feature their experience, expertise and price point. Based out of Denver, the company began in 2019 and despite some of the challenges during COVID-19 and starting a business, they are currently operating in several states across the nation and find that its concept is growing.

“INTUEAT focuses heavily on quality over quantity when it comes to the chefs we partner with, keeping the number of chefs in our portfolio smaller than many of our competitors,” said CEO and founder of INTUEAT, Leonardo de Aguiar. “The chefs that do qualify to be on the INTUEAT platform have been vigorously vetted and are extremely passionate about providing bespoke in-home experiences.”

INTUEAT makes dining in easy, bringing everything with them to make a meal in your home.
Tricia Swenson/Vail Daily

Once you pick the chef, next comes the fun part: planning your event. Be it a birthday, holidays with the relatives, a large dinner party or an anniversary dinner for two. The team at INTUEAT can help you envision the perfect at-home dining experience. Any dietary needs are sent in advance and themes can be carried out in any particular fashion.

A wine paring and appetizer party was held at a home in Edwards for a local women’s wine club. The idea was to have each of the eight members of the club bring bottles of wine to pair with various appetizers. INTUEAT’s Tyler Bergguist, a professional chef with 15 years of experience in Detroit, Chicago and New York City, came up with a fun menu featuring Nashville chicken, potato pave, tuna tartar, portobello mushrooms and a foie gras for dessert.

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“I like to cater to the guests at hand, but at the same time surprise them within the meal. Whether it is a sit-down dinner with entrees or appetizers like we did here, the real difference happens in the presentation and how you make something easily edible for the guest in one bite, as well as how to make this single bite taste like a complete dish,” Bergquist said. 

Prior to the event, INTUEAT’s certified sommelier and operations manager Christopher Ortiz sent suggestions to the wine club to pair the wines with the various dishes. Champagne, Pouilly Fuisse, Pino Noir, Burgundy, Brunello and Sauternes were suggested to bring out the flavors in Chef Tyler’s creations.

The wine club members had a fun time searching home wine cellars or stopping by local liquor stores to find the perfect wine from the suggested list. During the event, Ortiz would profile each wine for the group and answer questions any of the ladies had.

“I found the INTUEAT experience unique in their wine pairing offerings. They have a wine expert on staff that works with the chef, creating beautiful and interesting pairings,” attendee Rebeca Hanrahan said. “Particularly appealing to us, was the opportunity to select wines from our home cellar. That was a very fun way to have a catered dinner at home and let us share stories about why we picked the particular wine we brought.”

INTUEAT’s wine expert gave suggestions for what wines would pair well with the menu. INTUEAT can also take care of the wines for your event.
Tricia Swenson/Vail Daily

Andrea Eddy, who is the head of the Vail Chapter of the Chaine des Rotisseurs, the oldest and largest food and wine society in the world, agrees.

“I was thrilled to learn about INTUEAT because we are always looking for creative caterers for our in-house events. There are a variety of chefs to choose from on their website and an event can become interactive with the chef and the sommelier making wine pairing suggestions and it becomes a learning experience, too,” Eddy said.

INTUEAT brought everything. Right down to the pots and pans used to prepare each appetizer to the wine glasses for each varietal of wine that was tried with every dish. No re-washing of plates, silverware or glassware for the next course for the host. All the guests, including the host, were able to sit back and relax until they were served the next plate. No wonder INTUEAT’s tagline reads, “Host like you’re one of the guests.”

“INTUEAT is here because we are extremely passionate about the hospitality, food and beverage industry, our chef partners as well as our dining clients,” said de Aguiar, who was also in attendance at the event, working right alongside Bergquist and Ortiz to ensure a smooth experience. “We’re trying to pave a new path in an industry by giving hospitality, food and beverage professionals a new way to interact with clients, while achieving a better quality of life and work-life balance.”

Chef Bergquist is impressed by how INTUEAT takes care of its chefs.

“INTUEAT is very willing to promote chefs and help get them exposure. As a private chef, that can become costly,” Bergquist said. “INTUEAT wants the chefs to be able to shine. They make finding new clients extremely easy and booking services even easier, for the chef and the client.” 

For dessert, INTUEAT’s chef Tyler Bergquist made foie gras with ginger snap, Granny Smith apple and walnut.
Tricia Swenson/Vail Daily

Happy chefs, happy diners, that is what INTUEAT is all about.

“I love how easy INTUEAT makes entertaining but the best part is they clean up and you’d never know they were there so the host can focus on entertaining the guests,” said attendee Molly Braxton. ”They are perfect for the Vail Valley since most people who are here want to be outside playing instead of cooking for hours in the kitchen.”

Check out to find chefs in the area who can make entertaining a piece of cake. You can also have a restaurant experience brought in. INTUEAT has teamed up with the Matsuhisa Restaurant Group to provide your favorites like yellowtail sushimi and jalepeño, black cod miso in limestone lettuce and sushi rolls right at your home.

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