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Let summer continue with the Frose, a rose wine slushy drink served at White Bison in Vail

Brandon Bigalke from the White Bison in Vail Village calls their frozen slushy machine their “most efficient employee”, and for good reason, this machine has been busy cranking out gallons of their most popular summer drink, the Frose, a rose wine slush drink.

Bigalke said the craze started at White Bison last summer. They had a frozen slushy machine and decided to blend different things and see what the public liked. They liked a recipe from a bar they had visited in New York City.

“We essentially took the recipe they had at the bar in New York. They used an aperitif wine, which is a semi-sweet, semi-bitter wine fortified with a little sugar. We basically switch that up for the ginger liqueur so it gives it a little bit of bite, not quite as much sugar. We tested it out, tasted it and modified it a bit to make it our own.

They start with a French rose from Provence then add Domaine de Canton, which is a cognac based ginger liqueur, fresh lemon juice and cranberry juice to add the pink color back into it. “Oddly enough when you put the rose wine into a frozen slushy machine, it turns white,” Bigalke said. They garnish it with mint to add another element of flavor and a little color to the pale pink drink.

They typically make a batch a day, but on busy days, hot weekends or the 4th of July they make 20-30 liters a day.

“The word has gotten out about it. People hear about it and want to experience it. Some people come back a few times during their stay because they like it so much,” Bigalke said.

The rose frose or wine slushy as it is sometimes called was a huge hit this summer, getting coverage on the “TODAY” show, being written up in Bon Appetit magazine and recipes were all over Pinterest.

Most recipes called for a darker rose wine to hold some of the pink color after it was frozen and simple syrup flavored with strawberries. Some recipes added lemonade, grapefruit juice or even vodka to the mix. Do prepare in advance for this cold concoction, let the wine sit in the freezer for at least 5 to 6 hours and keep in mind that due to the alcohol, the wine won’t freeze completely solid.

Get it in the freezer by noon and your drinks could be ready by happy hour. Or just come to the White Bison and let their “most efficient employee” do its job.

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