Red, White and Brew: Easy-drinking classics for Fourth of July |

Red, White and Brew: Easy-drinking classics for Fourth of July

By Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin
Special to the Daily

With the Fourth of July weekend upon us, it seems like everyone is getting outside. Where are you going this week? Camping, boating, hiking or just grilling in your own backyard safely away from the craziness?

No matter what you are doing, here are some wines and beers to try this holiday weekend.


The cool packagaing of the Radio Boka boxed wine is just a quick hint at what’s inside.
Special to the Daily

Ever since this pandemic hit, boxed wine has gone nuts. No glass to break. The wine stays fresh for over a month so fewer trips to the store. (But here at Boone’s Wine and Spirits, we’ll miss you if you don’t come by. There’s always a need for something else to pair.)

Everyone knows Black Box and Bota Box as they are best sellers in the box wine market, but there are many smaller brands out there making great wine in a box. Radio Boka is one of those smaller brands making great wine. It has a fun package that looks like an old-timey radio. The wine is fresh and delicious.

The rosé is made from 80% Tempranillo and 20% Bobal grapes. This fantastic Spanish rosé is bursting with wild strawberry, fresh red cherries, raspberries and a hint of lavender. At the end, it is lush and fruity, perfect for a hot afternoon.

The Tempranillo is a dark red with aromas of black cherry, cedar and spice. It is lightly aged in French oak. The black cherry continues on the palate with strawberry and ripe plums. The finish is soft with silky tannins, dark fruits and spice.

Great wines, fun packaging and an amazingly low sale price make Radio Boka perfect for all your holiday weekend fun. Regularly $21.99, grab these for $17.99 at Boone’s in Eagle.


Fader from Half Acre will satisfy beer snobs and mass-market drinkers alike.
Special to the Daily

Holidays for a lot of people mean family. And the lager we love this month is one I’d bring home to my family and be proud. The Half Acre Fader premium lager is crisp, clean, and balanced. It’s an easy drinker at 5% ABV.

To some extent, craft lagers exist to lure in macro beer customers to the craft beer sector. What they typically fail to do is put a smile on the face of craft beer fanatics. Fader hits the mark across the board. Smiles induced. As the crew at Half Acre says, “Fader is premium lager beer. No need to discuss it.”

Grab Fader from Boone’s ice-cold cooler doors for $10.49 a six-pack and put a smile on your face. Happy Fourth of July.

Jeff Anderson and Josh Pipkin work at Boone’s Wine and Spirits. Anderson writes the intro text and the Red and White blurbs. Pipkin writes the Brew blurb. Contact the store at 970-328-9463.

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