Ski gear company RENOUN creates high-tech skis for Elon Musk |

Ski gear company RENOUN creates high-tech skis for Elon Musk

The skis use a material designed to make the skis feel stiffer as speed increases.
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As a company centered around innovation, the high-tech ski company RENOUN has a perpetual soft spot for Elon Musk and the companies he’s created.

RENOUN always felt someone like a real-life Iron Man should be on a pair of skis with futuristic technology — so they made him some.

RENOUN has been hunting him down for the last three years and just shipped Musk his skis: a 1-of-1 pair design in iconic Tesla Red based off the original Endurance design. It’s the company’s thank you to one of the grittiest and most determined men of this century — and one who’s bound to change it.

More awards

Under the hood, the skis are also unique, just like a Tesla. All RENOUN skis incorporate HDT — a material that makes the skis feel stiffer as speeds increase, which make for smooth and controlled skis. They essentially adapt on the fly to conditions.

The technology used to create the skis has won RENOUN more awards than they have full-time employees.

The skis for Musk have RENOUN’s tagline “Rules are meant to be broken” and a small note printed on the ski that says: “For the man daring to break more than a few rules.”

“The guy is a badass and he deserves badass skis,” said RENOUN founder Cyrus Schenck.

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